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Hubbard Scientific 35155 Oceanic Saltwater Aquarium 55 Gallon

This unit comes with everything but the water and marine life! Features an integrated, balanced operating system which is self-contained and easily maintained. It incorporates systems for circulation, aeration, filtration and heating. The steel frame is coated with durable baked-on finish that offers an effective corrosion resistant barrier between metal and the saltwater. The 4 side panels are constructed of thermal insulating double-wall glass for maximum viewing. Mechanical equipment is housed within the unit for safety, yet is is easily accessible for cleaning. This large 55 gallon oceanic aquarium is designed for stocking and maintaining a wide variety of “cool water” marine organisms within a controlled environment. The tank’s circulation is controlled to 400 gallons per hour, aeration is in 12 constant flow aeration streams and will cool to 5 degrees Centigrade plus or minus 3 degrees Centigrade. It is shipped complete with marine salts, filter media, 6 filter bags, hydrometer/thermometer, a power drain hose and a 41 page Marine Aquarium Lab Manual. It requires a 115 Volt, 60Hertz, 7amp power source. A glass cover comes with the unit. The dimensions are 33.5″ Long x 32.25″ Wide x 25″ High. Although the photo shows the unit with a stand, this unit comes without the stand which is sold separately. For Grades 6-12 and ages 11-18.

Product Features

  • Large 55 Gallon Oceanic Aquarium!
  • Circulation is 400 Gallons Per Hour!
  • Comes with Everything Except the Water and Marine Life!
  • Designed for “Cool Water” Marine Life!

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