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Hydor Koralia Evolution 750 Aquarium Circulation Pump, 750 gph

Circulation pump for freshwater and marine aquariums. Designed for use with timers and wavemaker systems. Includes magnet-suction cup mounting system for free positioning in aqaurium.

Product Features

  • New and improved mount featuring vibration absorbing technology and magnetic suction cup with free positioning capabilities
  • Safe for use with wave-timers
  • Higher flow rates and lower energy consumption when compared to previous Koralia models.
  • Compact design
  • Shaft-less impeller technology

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  1. Reef Mixer says:

    Good performance for the money I have bought three of these over the past year and have been impressed by all of them. Unless you plan to spend $200-$400 a piece for the eco-tec units, this is a darn good value. They may not have all the bells and whistles like other models, but they are dead quiet, and when I say dead quiet, I mean that with everything else off in my reef tank, I have to put my ear four inches from the water to hear it running. It also provides a broad current, which is desirable, as opposed to a concentrated jet. Is it the absolute best model on the market? No. Is it the best value? In my opinion, yes it is. For anyone on a budget, these are the way to go. Oh, and when you put it on the tank, it stays put! Most models I have seen have had a tendency to “walk” down the glass over time (these do not). – 125 Gallon glass mixed reef tank.

  2. Nicholas Masi "Yeaa!" says:

    Dont waste money on a powerhead for circulation…get this! Wow. Ive had this for 2 days and come away super impressed. Casts a wide spread that works perfectly in my 55 gallon saltwater tank. A powerhead will seem puny compared to this if you’re using it for water movement. At the same time, because of the wide spread, it’s not overly powerful in any way. Build quality seems super sturdy and it’s super quiet as well.

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