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Killifish N. Rachovii 30 Eggs – Killi Fish Eggs Hatching for Aquarium Fish Tank

How to Hacth your Killifish 1. Please keep eggs on constant temperature (suggest use Styrofoam box) and should not touch the light. Because light will be effect with time to hatching. Temperature Effect Higher than 29 degrees C. hatch time maybe short more that normal. Lower than 29 degrees C. hatch time maybe delay. 2. Eyed-up on the eggs it is signification to that the eggs are fully developed. 3. Hatch your killifish eggs with peat every time. If your hatch the killifish without peat the eggs will not hatch. 4. If you cannot see eyes up because it very small but you can wet it so you will get some hatch from full develop eggs for undeveloped eggs subjected to repeated wetting so long as you dry and bag the peat again. 5. To wet the peat, fill up a plastic tray (20 cm X 20 cm) with aged water to a depth of about 5 cm. 
6. If the timing is right, you should see fry within a few hours. If not, wait at least 2 days. 7. Please wait about 7-10 days before transfer its. Because the fry is very small and it still swim not well. (If the water level drops. Do not change all of water. Your just fill clean water to old water that just enough.) 8. You can transfer the fry by Pipette. Be Careful! Rough handling can lead to broken backs and dead fish. Do not use a net to transfer fry as the fish because it may suffer shock and trauma when removed from water. 9. You should have some Java or Christmas mossin the “raising tray”. Because Moss encourages the growth of infusoria and also serves as a “security blanket” for the fry. 10. Do not put too many fry into one tray or else the mortality rate will be high. Shoul not have more than 20 fry in a 20 cm raising tray. 11. Two days after wetting, dry the peat and bag it. Chances are very good that there will be more fry when you wet the peat again in another 2 weeks. Some eggs, by nature, will not hatch during the first wetting or even the 2nd and 3rd wetting. It’s known as diapause, mother nature’s back- up syste

Product Features

  • Free Fairy Shrimp Eggs 10,000 Eggs.(It is a live food for your killifish.)
  • Easy to hatch only put eggs in fresh water.
  • Hatching Rate is 20-60% The hatch rate depend on environment and several factor.
  • If all of eggs not hatch we will refund to you as soon as possible.

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