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KollerCraft AQUARIUS AquaView 360 Aquarium Kit with LED Light – 2-Gallon

AQUARIUS AQV360H2 AquaView 360 Aquarium Kit comes with distinct undertank LED lighting, offering six changeable colors: blue, orange, purple, aqua, yellow and red. The full hood uniquely turns the same color as the LED light. Includes undergravel filter.

Product Features

  • Equipped with distinct undertank LED Lighting
  • The full hood uniquely turns the same color as the undertank LED light
  • Six changeable colors: blue, orange, purple, aqua, yellow and red
  • Undergravel filter, tubing and air pump included
  • KollerCraft is highly regarded for supplying superior quality, innovative pet products and reliable service

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  1. Mrs. Sharon L. Meeks "Sharon L" says:

    Dangerous, please do not buy! I really like this little tank. I’ve just finished setting it up and haven’t any fish in it yet, but the tank itself is a little beauty! The lid is easy to remove if you put you finger back behind where the little cut-out for the air hose goes. However there is a little hole at the front of the lid that I think I can drop food in when I feed my little critters so I won’t have to be removing the lid that much. I removed one of the perforated areas in the back of the lid (there are two of them) so the top of the little 25w heater can poke out. The color variations are a delight and I’m really pleased I went ahead and purchased this.EDIT!!!! My tank has been set up now for almost a week. My beta is in there and happy, but, please do not buy this tank. The other reviews that mentioned the faulty light are correct. The light is now shorting out! There is water in the light. The light changes color on it’s own, then the light will totally shut off, then back on, then different colors, then off again. Finally I just took the light out and will buy a new tank.Please note, Amazon was great and tried to help with this situation. They offered a replacement, but I don’t want the same tank. They offered a refund if I send the tank back, they have tried in every way possible to rectify this situation, so again, I’m happy I shop on Amazon. But please do not buy this tank, I believe it’s dangerous. Water and electricity do not mix well!

  2. Dave says:

    Terrible hood light design The tank is just as advertised. My betta LOVES it! In his half gallon enclosure he was just sitting at the bottom all the time with his fins folded up. In this one, he’s always on the move and strutting his stuff. Its really nice to look at and the different lighting modes are neat too. There’s no filter so keep an eye on ammonia levels!UPDATE: I am sorry to say I have to downgrade my initial review. I originally gave this 5 stars but now I cannot. The hood light is the worst design I have ever seen. Its is not remotely waterproof and after 2 months, not only did the nuts and bolts which hold it together rust and break apart, but water can easily get inside, just from minor spatting from the air bubbler. I noticed that the lights were flickering, so I took a look. The unit practically fell apart in my hand due to corroded bolts. There was water inside the bulb assembly. No gaskets or sealed electronics of any sort. Portions of the printed circuit board had its insulation burned away due to arcing. Being somewhat savvy, I was able to repair it, but then had to put a clear plastic condom over it to keep it dry. Just a terrible design.

  3. sueb43 "sueb43" says:

    Good price, quick shipping. Received this quickly and in good shape with a very reasonable price list for replacement parts.

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