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Lifegard Aquatics Scratch Removal Kit

Removes scratches from acrylic aquariums and many forms of plastic and wood surfaces. The Crystal Pad, the sanding material in this kit, has been used to polish plastic surfaces for over 20 years in the aircraft industry. It has a thin layer of soft resilient material between the back and the abrasive crystals which provides a cushion for the abrasives. Using a cushion design allows the relatively large abrasive crystals to recede into the resilient layer and float to an even cutting plane. The Crystal Pad produces a fine, even scratch pattern. It does not leave deep, random scratches as with common abrasives. It cuts rapidly because of its large crystal design and because more of the abrasive is in contact with the workpiece. The Crystal Pad outlasts common abrasives because the large abrasive crystals do not load up, generate heat, or fracture into the workpiece. In dry applications it outlasts common abrasives 5-7 times and when wet, 7-15 times, making it economical to use.

Product Features

  • Molded case contains instructions, 8 sheets of progressively graded -inchcrystal pad-inch, cotton flannel, sanding block and 3/4-ounce Final Polish”"
  • The Crystal Pad is graded with numbers
  • The higher the number the finer the cutting action
  • You can use the Scratch Removal Kit wet or dry

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