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Live Rock 10 Lbs Premium Caribbean Saltwater Aquarium Reef Coral Fiji Nano

10 Pounds of Premium Caribbean Live Rock pre cured witch means you get more color and life for less money our live rock will blow your mind with the amount of color and life + if your not happy we will refund your money you just pay return shipping. let us know what size between small medium and large we will try our best to work with you remember rock must be fully cured before putting in your saltwater tank our live rock is the ideal and affordable way to fill your aquarium with live rock Depending on the location of harvest this rock may be in boulder and oblong shapes and is 60-90% covered in Coralline algae on the top or side of each piece rock sizes range from 4 to 15 inches in length. we will also be sending an extra pound or two to make up for water weight. all orders are different so no two rocks will be the same. We recommended about 1-1/2 to 2 pounds of live rock per gallon. It is acceptable to brake the rocks to the shape and size you want This will not damage the rock. This is PRE-CURED LIVE ROCK Although these rocks have been pre-cured it is important to cure the rock again upon receipt before it is placed in the display aquarium that contains fish, coral, or inverts. Unlike most shipped Caribbean rock our rock is re-hydrated in fresh seawater prior to shipping and carefully packaged to make sure the rocks stays wet and the color wont fade or die off

Product Features

  • LIVE ROCK 5 lbs Premium Caribbean
  • Saltwater Aquarium reef coral fiji nano

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