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LUFFY Moss Ball X 5+ 1 Free! Live Reef Aquarium Plant for saltwater coral brackish clown fish nemo

Let your favorite marine fish find their natural home in your tank. The little aquatic pets can now have all the fun in the salt water aquarium with Luffy Moss Balls around! Watch the coral brackish clown fish, red saddle clownfish or the gorgeous azure damselfish enjoying their home like never before as the 5 Luffy moss balls are live plants, with the capability to absorb harmful nitrates and pollutants, keeping the water clean for your beloved pets.

The Luffy marimos not only enhance the beauty of the aquarium but also provide plenty of benefits to the fish and the environment around. Watch your adorable fish playing around the balls. In addition of being a natural favorite toy for fish, these moss balls absorb Co2 and provide oxygen, especially when you do not want to add air stones. Just like any other plant, these natural moss balls have the capability to grow beneficial bacteria on them, which helps in the seeding process.

These balls have a long life with just minimal care required and are easy to maintain. All they need is your love and the love of your cute fishes! Give saltwater fish like tail spot blenny, yellowtail damselfish, midnight ocellaris some plant pals to have fun with!

Product Features

  • HIGH SALT TOLERANCE — Many plants do not tolerate salt water and are only recommended for fresh water tanks. Unlike those, Luffy moss balls have high salt water tolerance, making them a valuable addition to the salt water tanks.
  • EASY TO MAINTAIN — The moss balls are spongy and absorb debris, which needs to be squeezed out once in a while. They do not require any fertilizers to survive, as they grow and live on the food given to fish. Of course, if you want to double the growth speed of marimos, you can give it some Luffy Ball Food. Let sharing of the feed do all the magic!
  • PREVENTS ALGAE GROWTH & ABSORBS NITRATES — Moss balls are algae, making them absorb nutrients required by other algae. This means, the Luffy Moss balls prevent the growth of algae in tank. Not only that, Luffy marimos absorb nitrates to which makes your tank’s ecosystem nitrate-free for the fish and make them more secure than ever.
  • FLOAT FREELY — Majority of the objects in the aquarium are anchored or fixed to the bottom that gets in the way of the cleaning process. Whereas, Moss balls float freely in the tank, which makes them easy to take out and clean, thus reducing the cleaning time of the tank.

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    Nice addition to my tank

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    These are so cute! I have several in my …

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    The Luffy moss balls are cute and came to life …

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