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Luffy™ Nano Marimo Ball x 6 pcs – Live Aquarium Aquatic Plant for Fish Tank

Marimos are a type of rare algae that are quickly gaining popularity among the aquatic community. They are coveted for their many benefits and are easy to care for. Marimos are so sought after for their aesthetic beauty that even people without aquariums are growing marimos in jars. For shrimp breeders, marimos are a must-have in their tanks. However most shrimp breeders have concerns that some marimos are too big for their shrimps, especially the naturally smaller species. So we have something for them.

Meet the Nano Marimo! Marimo moss balls that are naturally smaller in size. They are just the perfect fit for your compact-sized aquarium. They are less intimidating for shrimps and other smaller fish breeds. They provide your aquarium with a welcoming element for shrimps to interact with and gives your aquarium a lovely touch of green that will look amazing when in contrast with your vibrantly coloured shrimps.

Usage: Drop as many Nano Marimo moss balls into your tank or glass jar as you see fit. Ensure that the water is room temperature and not under direct sunlight. Your shrimps will take to them almost immediately. Simply ensure that the Nano Marimo is kept in fresh water that is changed once every week and if necessary, give each one a gentle roll around to help it keep its shape once in awhile. *Note: Your Marimo has travelled a long distance to reach you. Give it a good rinse before it joins the rest of your aquarium family.

Product Features

  • Small in size but big in benefits: the popular Luffy ball is now available in nano size! Perfect for starter tanks or shrimp breeding aquariums.
  • Nano Luffy balls are less intimidating for small shrimps and provide the perfect accompaniment for all small-sized shrimp and aquarium life. Because the Nano Marimos are a more appropriate size, shrimps find it easier to play with these adorable little moss balls, giving them some exercise and relieving you of having to roll the marimos yourself.
  • Perfect for any small tank or glass container for individual shrimp rearing. They add a touch of green to any water body, providing a beautiful contrast to the colour of your shrimps. Like other aquatic plants, they absorb harmful substances that may hinder shrimp growth and provides the water with some oxygen.
  • Every order includes 6 Nano Marimo moss balls (buy 5 get 1 extra marimo). They are delivered in securely sealed bags to protect them from being crushed. Your Nano Marimos will be delivered in perfect condition, ready for your tank.
  • Caring for Nano Marimos is almost zero to none. These plants are practically fuss free. All you need to do is keep your Nano Marimos in room temperature water and away from direct sunlight. Change the water once every week and if you see fit, give each marimo a gentle roll once in awhile.

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