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LZETC Silent Energy Efficient Aquarium Air Pump Tank Oxygen Breathe Pump Waterfall, Makes Oxygen Perfect for Small and Medium Fish Tank

AC110-120V / 60 HZ,
Quality guarantee: CE, FCC.ROHS Certification.
Material: ABS, copper, silicon carbide.
The air pump is non-waterproof, keep it away from water.
Only suitable for indoor.
Tank Vol.< 80L, water depth 500- 600 mm.
Warranty: This appliance is guaranteed for 12 months for non- mam made factors.
For safety concerning, Keep away from children.
Issue solution:
1. Pump is not working?
a. Check connection to electrity
b. Check the air tube connections.
There is abnormal noise or cracking sound?
a. The device is out of usage.
b. Disconnect the pump from power supply and contact with us.
Packet content:
1 * Aquarium Air pump(Adapter included)
1 * Air stone
1* Silicone Tube
1* User Manual

Product Features

  • Perfect for small size and medium betta tank or nano aquariums up to 16″ deep
  • Compact design and lightweight, super compact, super silent, lightweight and long service life
  • High-efficiency, long operating life, Low power consumption, stable performance
  • Best device for keeping fish indoor,Air Flow: 240ml /min, with tubing, best air pump for aquariums
  • Ultra Quiet -Less than 35dB, suit for bedroom and living room

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  1. Kristin C. says:

    Color me truly impressed. Very small quiet & unobtrusive.

  2. Cheryl James says:

    Love it!

  3. Emily S Favaro says:

    Your fish will thank you!

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