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Manual of Fish Health: Everything You Need to Know About Aquarium Fish, Their Environment and Disease Prevention

A comprehensive guide to keeping fish healthy for the serious hobbyist.

A healthy environment is crucial for any aquarium. Fish need more than a tank of water and a daily sprinkle of food to stay healthy, and the fish-keeper is regularly challenged to understand irregularities that can cause trouble.

Manual of Fish Health is a fully illustrated and highly informative reference that concentrates on:

  • Maintaining a healthy aquatic environment
  • Recognizing and coping with pests, diseases, parasites and bacteria
  • Balancing water chemistry so the fish’s environment is always healthy

The book also includes an A to Z directory of common pests and diseases and a practical guide to their control and treatments.

The expert authors explore the vital aspects of health care for all types of fish, including freshwater and saltwater, tropical and temperate, and pond and aquarium. The clear and concise text is abundantly illustrated with underwater photography, charts and diagrams.

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  1. Greg says:

    Very understandable. Excellent presentation of material. I was and am still very pleased with this book and all the methods the authors used to present their information in a meaningful, thorough and understandable manner. I have seen books costing close to $100 with a ‘gazillion’ pages full of unintellagible giberish, that one would normally need to purchase to obtain the same information you get in this book (at a substantial savings). This books helps to quickly get the reader to a clear understanding using diagrams, graphs, flow charts and photos along with the text written in laymans terms. For example how a tank cycles and what developments occur at what stages, or how to recognize and treat different fish ailments with out having a ‘Phd in Fishies’. Higly recommended.

  2. Aquaria.Info "Aquaria.Info - Aquarium Fish On... says:

    If you have an aquarium – you MUST HAVE this book!! Simply put – this is the most benificial book you can get on tropical fishkeeping, both freshwater and marine. Just over 200 pages of full color photos and diagrams, it takes you from the understanding of your pet fish and it’s enviroment at a basic level straight to a guide to treating most any pest and disease that can plague your pet. This book will serve you as an excellent reference for your home aquarium. Step by step it will help you to identify those calamadies that can wipe out an entire fish community BEFORE it becomes a problem. The section on water chemistry is invaluable in helping your understanding of your fishes enviroment… I can go on for a long time about this book… but suffice it to say that I have found it invaluable as a reference and I have absolutly no hesitation in not only recommending it – but go so far as in saying that it should be a required book for the aquarist, from beginner to avid veteran alike!! I have been keeping fish now for over 10 years – I still go back to the “manual of fish health” by Dr. Chris Andrews more than any other book in my collection! Bravo on a job well done

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