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Marc Weiss Organics Bacter Vital Aquarium Water Treatments, 6-Ounce

When Bacter Vital is placed in the aquarium, the first missions is to condition the water to a natural state that will sustain a non obtrusive life for species yet to be placed in this new environment. The best way to achieve a conducive environment is to allow the water to attract inherent subspecies from the air surrounding the aquarium. If the water is balanced sufficiently which Bacter Vital can achieve, all of the necessary nutritional sources will be provided naturally through the water itself & the atmospheric air surrounding the aquarium.

Product Features

  • Fully cycles a new aquarium in 3 days
  • Synchronizes aquarium cycle parameters
  • Allows rapid adaptation of aquatic life to new aquariums
  • Neutralizes ammonia, nitrites & heavy metals
  • Naturally breaks down solid & soluble wastes

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