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Marina Style 10 Glass Aquarium Kit – 10 Gallons

The Marina Style 10 is a ten-gallon glass aquarium kit that is ideal for your first aquarium. Its sleek design styled canopy makes it a great addition to your home decor. The Marina Style 10 comes complete with everything you need to have an easy set-up experience. The kit includes a Marina Slim S15 clip-on filter with quick-change filter cartridges, an incandescent canopy and bottom frame with two 15-watt clear bulbs as well as Nutrafin Max fish food to keep your fish healthy. Nutrafin AquaPlus and Nutrafin Cycle are also included to ensure your water stays clear, along with a fish net, thermometer and care guide. The Marina Style 10 has everything you need to get started, except for the fish and water!

Product Features

  • 10 gallon glass aquarium kit
  • Comes complete with everything you need to have an easy set-up experience
  • Easy to maintain
  • Great gift idea for the new aquatic hobbyist
  • 10 inches long x 20 inches wide x 12 inches tall

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  1. Jacobm001 says:

    All in all a great kit I bought this as an upgrade for my betta fish. I’ve had a 1.5 gallon for a while, but wanted something a bit bigger.Pro:-This unit has a nice foot print. It doesn’t take up a ridiculous amount of counterspace.-The filter is very impressive compared to other tanks I’ve seen. The flow is adjustable, from very gentle to rather aggressive.-The filter is also rather quiet. Unlike my other tank, this one doesn’t need an overly aggressive airrated to vibrate and make all kinds of noise.-The lid and glass both seem to be of high quality. The opening section of the lid is sturdy and there are no scratches or bubbles in the glass.Con:-I’m not a huge fan of the light. This one comes with incandescent lighting, but I prefer my last tank’s LED.-The filter is a universal model. It has the ability to attach to far larger tanks, so it sits on there kind of awkwardly. I used a small piece of cardboard folded over (the box the bulb came in) on the outside of the tank to make it a little bit more stable. I don’t see it at all and it works better than the space included.Overall this is a great tank for a small room, like a dorm or kids room. If you have the space I would recommend something bigger, but for the right task this is a perfect kit.

  2. IronChefMIk says:

    Works Great So Far My girlfriend and I are both new to taking car of fish (we have a single small gold fish). This tank was a decent price and seems to be working just fine. It has no leaks, and is perfect for us since it comes with instructions on how to take care of the fish. The filters are really easy to change and the fish has a lot of space to swim around in. The primary thing I was worried about was the filter’s suction, but it seems to be very gentle so the fish does not get caught in it.Update: It has been a over a year and still no issues with leaks, or the pump. The only very minor annoyance is that sometimes the lid to the filter changer vibrates. But it is easy to solve. Other than that no complaints about this tank. It is also very nice that the replacement filters are relatively cheap on amazon.

  3. matt says:

    great starter this is great starter kit with almost everything i was looking for with a killer price. I still needed to buy a heater and extra filters and i got another temp gauge.

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