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Marine Reef Aquarium Handbook

This expanded and updated edition of a valuable manual for marine aquarium hobbyists provides the latest scientific discoveries and aquarium techniques for keeping and propagating living corals. The coral reef, both in the ocean and in a marine aquarium, is a symbiotic system of corals and beneficial algae in a community with other marine life forms. The author also discusses sponges, echinoderms, mollusks, crustaceans, and fishes, and advises on controlling and eliminating diseases and parasites in a marine aquarium. Filled with instructive color photos.

Product Features

  • Made by Barron’s Publishing
  • Model Number 3674

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  1. wavellan "wavellan" says:

    Excellent Reference Book! In the past two years, I have engulfed myself into Reef keeping and have finally been able to properly maintain a great mini-reef. Along the way, I have wasted tons of money because pure ignorance. Most of the things I wish I knew when I started were in the book. If you have a reef tank, are thinking of starting a reef, or want to improve your current set up, this is one of the books to add to your library.

  2. Jay G Thompson says:

    Five stars? Yes, 5 stars! Pound for pound (and dollar for dollar) this is one of the best books on marine reef keeping you can buy.

  3. j_r says:

    A nice condensed Reef handbook! This is a great book for under 15 dollars. It isn’t that little either! It is full of good information on reef systems and the life that goes in it. It also has lots and lots of full cover photos. It is a must for anyone interested in starting a reef tank. It hits every subject from algae to water and chemicals, to skimming and lighting. It is laid out great.

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