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Mini USB LCD Desktop Lamp Light Fish Tank Aquarium LED Clock White

Come with decorative pebbles, an artificial plant, and a USB connector.

Adjustable overhead LED light and multicolor LED interior lights under water.

2 switches are used for turning on/off the LED light and switching the water pump on/off.

6 modes of tranquil nature sounds, like sounds of frogs, sounds of bird, sunds of water, etc.

Backlighting LCD display is featured with alarm clock, calendar, time, date, temperature, and snooze.

Dual compartment desk organizer or pen holder for setting pens, rulers, etc.
A great unique and unusual gift for your friends.

Note: the moving water is powered by USB power. It will be running after you connecting the USB cable to PC.


Color: White

Material: Plastic(main) and Metal

Batteries: 3 * AA batteries (not included) for LCD

USB Power: DC 5V for the Fish tank’s pump and lighting

LED light: 6 white LEDs and 2 colour-changing LEDs

LCD display: Clock, Calendar, Alarm, Temperature

Sounds: sounds of frogs, sounds of bird, sunds of water, etc

Item size: 24 * 20 * 9.7cm

Item wight: 705g

Package size: 27.5 * 21 * 13.5cm

Package wight: 1000g

Package including:

1 * USB Desktop Aquarium Fish Tank

1 * USB Cable

1 * Pack of Pebbles

1 * User Manual

Product Features

  • Creative design, multi-functions, and reliable quality.
  • Mini fish tank with running water (recirculation).
  • The water stored in the fish tank can be running circularly that fresh air can be provided for the fishes
  • living in the fish tank.
  • Hold about 1.5L of water.

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  1. S. Fraissl "Gamerette" says:

    Terrible as a fishtank This is not a tank, you can’t even call it that.First of all its too small for any fish to live in humanely.Secondly its an alarm clock. Water is an excellent conductor of sound. Whoever thought up putting an alarm clock and a fish tank together is an idiot. The sound will scare the poor things to death or damage their sensory organs in the very least. And yes, they can hear sounds.Thirdly, the filtration is not proper for a living thing. You’re going to feed the fish, the fish is going to defecate, nitrates are going to build up in the little tank, and where will it go? It doesn’t magically disappear.Fourthly, there’s refuge for the fish, nowhere to hide, no where to go to feel comfortable.This is a terrible item, I highly recommend you stay away from it and spare any poor fish the misery of living (and then soon dying) in it.

  2. Sean says:

    Animal Cruelty I’m against the idea of writing reviews for products I’ve not bought but I feel I need to make an exception.1.5L for a fish (even one tiny guppy) is simply cruel. I’m a little angry that people would be that irresponsible.Anyone who knows the first thing about fish will tell you keeping them in a fish bowl is not right. Well, this is even smaller than one of those fish bowls. That’s disgusting.There’s no filtration (No, that tap does not function in keeping the water fresh in the slightest so in order to even maintain fresh water it would need to be changed on a daily basis.Even then the size is not nearly large enough. Even for the smallest fish you can get your hands on, 10L should be the absolute minimum I feel.Imagine living in a wardrobe the rest of your life. That’s about the same as a fish in this awful design. There’s hardly enough room to turn around, let alone swim back and forth.I don’t even want to write about this any further. This may seem like a cool product for your room but please consider how wrong it is, anyone with any sort of affection for animals would soon regret keeping this.

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