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[Newest Version] NoClean Aquariums GravityFlow Self-Cleaning Glass Betta Fish Aquarium – The Original Self Cleaning Aquarium! [2nd Generation]

Introducing NoClean Aquariums GravityFlow Self-Cleaning Betta Aquarium. It’s self-cleaning, eco-friendly, and only takes about 60-seconds to work! The self-cleaning system runs entirely on gravity. Simply pour water into the aquarium and watch it clean itself! There’s no need to remove the fish, ornaments or wash the gravel. Your hands won’t even get wet. It’s so easy anybody can do it! The aquarium uses no electricity or filters so there are no running costs. Waste water is neatly collected in a cup making it easy to recycle as organic fertilizer for your plants. Now anybody can have a beautiful, fun to watch Betta Fish Tank without the hassles!

Product Features

  • Aquarium cleans itself in about 60 seconds… simply pour in clean water and dirty water flows out!
  • Hassle & Stress Free for You and your Betta: Other desktop aquariums force you to remove the fish, stones, plants and decorations before cleaning. This is a messy hassle for you and is stressful and traumatic for your fish! With NoClean Aquariums your fish, plants, rocks and decorations all stay put during cleaning… and you stay clean and dry.
  • Eco-Friendly & Wallet-Friendly: No noisy pumps that can leak or break. No expensive replacement filters. No electricity use. No annoying cords to get in the way. Waste water collects for easy disposal or recycling as fertilizer for plants!
  • This listing is for the aquarium with clear spout only. Copper Spout, Stones, Plant and Fish SOLD SEPARATELY

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