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Ocean Treasures Collection Ot6004 6-Gallon Outback Aquarium Kit

OCEAN TREASURES COLLECTION OT6004 6-Gallon Outback Aquarium Kit includes LED Lighting as well as a filter. OCEAN TREASURES COLLECTION OT6001 6-Gallon Executive Aquarium Kit includes LED Lighting as well as a filter. The Outback model echoes the glorious 
age of travel, where bold adventurers would 
seek to discover untamed territories. The 
distinctive crocodile hide texture is the 
perfect appoint ment to an y cl assic interior. 
Your aquarium’s filtration system is expected to last several years or more when properly maintained. The lighting system in your aquarium has been specially designed for this application. Bulbs should be changed annually in order to achieve optimal and intended spectrum. Each Ocean Treasures Collection aquarium has been fabricated using only the finest materials and environmentally safe products available to the trade. This aquarium is designed to last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. A complete set-up kit is available for purchase separately which will include all the necessary components to immediately establish a salt water environment such as synthetic sea salt, “live” sand and a 25 watt submersible aquarium heater. Just add water… and fish, of course! Please refer to the manufacturer’s specifications provided for details and contact information.

Product Features

  • Includes LED Lighting As Well As A Filter
  • Distinctive Crocodile Hide Texture Adds Finishing? Touches To The Base and Top – The ?Perfect Appointment To Any Classic Interior
  • Filtration System Expected To Last Several Years When Properly Maintained
  • Fabricated With The Finest And Most Environmentally Safe Products Available
  • A Complete Set-Up Kit Is Available For Purchase Separately; Includes All Necessary Components To Immediately Establish A Salt Water Environment

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