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Penn Plax Battleship Aquarium Fish Tank Decoration

Sunken Ship Wreck Resin Decoration designed for fresh and salt water aquariums. Aquatic Resin D├ęcor for our Tank

Product Features

  • Great For Salt Water
  • Great For Fresh Water
  • Adds a Unique Ship Wreck Theme to Your Aquarium

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  1. tnheller says:

    Sunking Battleship Is A Treasure I am a naval/history buff. When I saw this product I had to have it for my fish tank. It is fairly historically accurate and looks great in the tank. Have had several people comment on it possitively and I wish my tank was bigger to get more ships like this one. The holes in the ship are not made for larger fish but my neons, tetra’s and emerald catfish go in and out with ease.

  2. D. Hollinrake says:

    Neat Little Ship Trying to find decent aquarium decorations that don’t cost a fortune seems to be almost impossible. When I found this Battleship on Amazon, I was a bit skeptical about how it would actually look considering it’s low price. The other reviews and images people have posted convinced me to buy it. When it showed up, my wife absolutely loved it and was quite excited about how it looked once added to the tank.The only downside: I wish there was a whole set of modern warships like this one sold on Amazon.

  3. force says:

    Very cool I put this in my 40 gallon tank. I drilled a few very mini holes in the top of the stack, and stuck a small air stone inside the body. My husband came home and just loved it. I have the sunken ship background and a huge rock collection with the plants. Let’s just say we have some very happy loaches,flying foxes,and misc. other fishies. Four Thumbs up from this family!

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