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Petco Bookshelf Freshwater Fish Aquarium

Petco Bookshelf Freshwater Fish Aquarium-Find this Office Fish Tank and Home Aquarium Online Today !With its slim and sleek design, the Petco Bookshelf Freshwater Fish Aquarium adds eye appeal to any home or office. Specially designed to fit on a bookshelf, desk or counter this crystal clear plastic fish tank is a great choice, especiallywhen space is limited. We’ve included a hang-on power filter that quietly cleans with its mechanical and chemical filter, helping to promote the health of its aquatic inhabitants. Because lighting is crucial to the overall enjoyment of office or home aquarium, we’ve included a UL listed lighted hood with a 15-Watt fluorescent bulb and a plastic cover with an easy feeding lid. Fish and decor are not included, leaving you to choose your favorite freshwater fish, substrate and decorations to express your individuality and to meet the needs of your new pet fish.Adding an office fish tank or aquarium to your office or home adds an element of beauty, interest and even tranquility. You will love watching the inhabitants of your aquatic habitat dive and dart through the plants and ornaments you provide for them, rush to the top when they see you open the feeding door, and searching the many hiding places to find the shy fish who like to hide. Kids and adults alike love fish tanks, and our Petco Bookshelf Freshwater Aquarium is a great idea for a starter tank for first time aquarists.Replacement Tetra Whisper Bio-Bag Disposable Filter Cartridges sold separately.

Product Features

  • Modern slim and sleek design that makes it perfect for use as a home aquarium or as an office fish tank
  • Features a hang-on power filter with quiet mechanical and chemical filtration
  • UL listed lighted hood with 15-Watt fluorescent bulb
  • Plastic cover with easy-access feeding lid

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  1. C. Tarantino says:

    Good tank with some minor flaws This tank is great for small spaces, and because it’s so narrow (front to back) it really CAN fit on a bookshelf. The included filter has an adjustable flow, so you can dial it back for fish that don’t like strong currents.The tank LOOKS much bigger than it is because of the length, and it also has more surface area than many 6 gallon tanks. The surface area is important for gas exchange, so this is a big plus.The bulb that comes with the tank isn’t the best for live plants, but it’s a size and type that is readily available at any big-box DIY store. I replaced the original bulb with a 6700 Kelvin (daylight) one for about $7, and the tank looks much better for it. The plants are much happier, too!The only flaws are that the plastic is VERY easy to scratch, and the tank tends to leak from under the top trim. Lift the trim off the tank, lay down a bead of silicone sealant and replace the trim – this will stop the leaking.Overall, this is a good deal and a very nice tank. I would recommend this to a friend.

  2. April Kellywright says:

    Fab little tank Shipping time: Great as this arrived aprox 4 days from Amazon purchase datePackaging: Everything was either boxed or plastic wraped or both.Dimensions: as it is 24 long by 8 deep and 12 high, it has alot of floor surface area. This was ideal as my tank inhabitants are bottom dwellers. MUCH more space than other small gallon/desktop tanks.Price: Super for what you get. I did add filter media (5-10 gal sponge and white ceramic bio)from my local pet shop, small heater, bubble wand and my own decorations.Cover and light: There is a small lid for feeding in the front. The clear acrylic topper has lots of punch outs for addition needs ( like air tubes and heaters). The light works just fine and has a bluish glow. This is easily upgraded.

  3. Amazoner "amazonian" says:

    Nice form factor for 6.5 gallon First off, this is a good tank. Well packaged, good construction and components. Very attractive, excellent shape for 6.5 gallons. Looks bigger than it is. The acrylic is nice and sturdy and in my experience was not easily scratched. The filter seems to work well, pretty quiet and can be dialed from low to high depending on your fish needs. The light works fine and the hood has a convenient door for feeding the fish. In order to access the inside of the tank, you must first lift off the light fixture and set it down somewhere. Then underneath there is a clear plastic lid that your remove and set aside and then you can access the inside of the tank. I recommend this tank as a good value and it’s unique dimensions for a small tank are very attractive. Don’t plan on putting much in this tank however, at 6.5 gallons it is only suited for maybe 1 betta and a bottom dweller or two.

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