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Premium Submersible Aquarium Heater 300W with Heater Guard Bundle from Fish Guards – Precise Auto Shut Off – 55 Gallon Fish Tank – Adjustable Thermostat Temperature Controller Freshwater & Saltwater!

Fish Guards Unique Aquarium Heater Guarantee

At Fish Guards we do more than make promises. We live up to them. We obsess over the quality of everything
you buy from us. The only way we can succeed is by helping your fish succeed.

365 Day Free Replacement Of Any Faulty Fish Guards Aquarium Heaters-No Matter What The Problem Is!

Sometimes a heater is dropped or breaks when it’s on the way to you-anything can happen. No matter how
a heater is broken, or who is at fault, we will replace it free for an entire 365 days! No arguments. No excuses. Just a free replacement heater as fast as we can ship it.

Top-quality Submersible Aquarium Heater Or It’s Free!
If you aren’t satisfied with your Fish Guards Heater:
a) We’ll buy back our heater for a full refund within 365 days.
b) We’ll buy you another one of our heaters as a replacement if you like.
c) OR we will directly pay you the money you paid us for the heater

You can depend on Fish Guards products. And you can depend on US.

Please note: We trust our product and customer service, and that is why we can fully make this special guarantee.

BONUS – Exclusive Cheat Sheet E-Report (Via Download) – “5 Things You Absolutely Must Know Before Getting Your Next Fish!” With Your Fish Guards Heater That Comes With a Bundled Heater Guard And Prime Shipping!

We Offer 100% RISK FREE PRE-PURCHASE GUARANTEED No-Questions Asked 365 Day Free Replacement Guarantee

Buy a Fish Guards Submersible Aquarium Heater 300W today – RISK FREE – Click “Add to Cart” above to get yours today!

Product Features

  • ★ DETACHABLE HEATER SHIELD FOR A PREMIUM BURN PROOF HEATER! – Aquarium Heater injuries for your fish can be deadly! Your Submersible Aquarium Heater comes with a Guard acting as a buffer between your fish and the hot heater with fitted dual suction cups so fish/turtles/plants can’t get burnt. Plus your special Bonus “5 Things You Absolutely Must Know Before Getting Your Next Fish!” 1-Page Cheat Sheet in your email right away to be armed with little known knowledge when choosing your next fish!
  • ★ AUTOMATIC BIMETALLIC STRIP HEATING SENSOR THAT STOPS THE HEATER WHEN TEMPERATURE IS REACHED! – Our Fish Tank Aquarium Heater has two pieces of different metals bolted together to form a bimetallic strip! Once hot enough, the metal expands more than the other so the whole strip bends. Once it bends so much it breaks open the circuit. When the “bridge is up” the electricity instantly switches off and the heating cuts out, giving your aquarium a consistent heating output and optimal warmth.
  • ★ SIMPLE BUT POWERFUL DESIGN! – User friendly and ready out-of-the box design that strikes a balance between function, form and safety! Slide on the heater guard and attach to your aquarium using the Dual Suction Cups! Your heater will automatically turn off as the temperature rises above the internal setting you choose, and turns back on like clockwork once it sufficiently cools down! Customers even use our heater for 10 gallon and 20 gallon tanks!
  • ★ PREMIUM QUALITY BUILD & ECO-FRIENDLY! – The Best Aquarium Heater for Value! Premium build made using material designed to give you the most consistent and safe aquarium heating backed up with our custom attached heater guard. It’s simple to use with an easy to control thermostat, and is suitable for all sorts of fish & aquatic pets. Will look good with your pump, filter, arline tubing and other aquarium accessories!
  • ★ UNIQUE PRE-PURCHASE GUARANTEE & MAXIMUM 6 HOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE RESPONSE TIME! – Buy with ZERO risk because you are covered by our Pre-Purchase 365 Day Guarantee (READ PRODUCT DESCRIPTION BELOW FOR OUR SPECIAL GUARANTEE THAT IS UNIQUE IN THE INDUSTRY). Remember you can also buy this as a perfect gift for your fellow fish loving family and friends! And it complements any aquarium brilliantly with a slick design. Full instructions included! Order Now while stocks last!

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  1. Ms.Ashley says:

    Big performance in a small package!

  2. Alex Johnson says:

    … have a dependable heater with salt water and looks like I have one here

  3. Jor El says:

    sturdy, accurate, reliable heater

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