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ProDeals RGB 16 Colors Changing LED Light Air Curtain Batten for Fish Tank and Aquarium (24inch)

Warm Prompt:

a. It must be fully submersed and air pump is NOT included.
b. The final curtain effect will be affected by the power of the air pump you use.
c. Indoor use only. Please keep the power adapter and joint away from water.

Submerge the LED light into water of the aquarium and use the two suction cups to firmly fix the LED light on the bottom of the aquarium, and then plug it into power supply, the LED lamp will light. If you have the air pump, use the included transparent flexible hose to connect the LED light with air pump, the bubble will be produced.

24LED Specification:

Dimension of air curtain: 61cm(L) * 2.6cm(W)
Wattage: 6W
Working temp range: 5℃-40℃
Waterproof level: IP68
Power input: 100-240V, 50-60Hz
Power output: 12VDC-500mA
Power plug: US plug
Length of power cord: 1.5M
Size: 65*8*5.5cm
Weight: 413g


1 * air curtain batten LED light with power cord
1 * power adapter
1 * flexible hose
2 * suction for air curtain batten
1 * IR remote
1 * user manual

Product Features

  • The latest air divider with LED light, adds a totally new decoration to any aquarium, at the same time provides water movement and aeration for your aquarium. Suitable for decoration and Oxygen Supply in all kinds of aquariums.
  • These air stones create a curtain of air and highlight the air with RGB LED. This creates an spectacular effect in your aquarium and keeping it healthy at the same time. The air stone LED is easy to install with its suction cups and is efficient in energy conservation.
  • The LED light use the high-grade highlight lamp bead, durable and has long using life. The 12V low input voltage is much safer to human body.
  • Submersible, well seal, suitable for fresh and brackish water.
  • This LED light uses the approach photosynthetic spectrum and wave length, which can accelerate the growing of the fish

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