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Reef Aquarium: Reef Aquarium Book for Dummies: A Complete Step by Step Setup & Maintenance Guide for Beginners (Reef Aquarium, Reef Aquarium Book, The … Aquarium Coral, Saltwater Aquarium)

Discover step by step how to setup and maintain your own New Reef Aquarium

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You would know about some of the famous coral reefs of the world like the red sea, Gulf of Aden, and the Arabian Desert. If you love snorkeling or scuba diving, then you would have seen some of them in front of your eyes, or you would have seen them from some of the world’s famous aquariums in Indonesia or Malaysia. Even if you would not have visited some great places of coral reef, then you would have seen them on your television screen. Did the vibrant colors of the coral reefs and its creatures titillate you whenever you see them on television or in real? Have you ever imagined in your life that you can see those creatures floating in your room in a beautiful reef aquarium? Then you have made a best decision by buying this book because I will tell you how you can assemble a reef aquarium for yourself step by step in this book.

Before we learn how to build a reef aquarium for ourselves, let us try to understand what reef tank is. Reef aquarium is like a natural ecosystem in itself, where we maintain the natural ecological balance among the habitants of our aquarium to maintain the proper water quality and control predation with certain boundaries. The main entity of this balanced ecosystem is rock that is obtained from the ocean. This rock is famous with the name of “live rock” since it supports many kinds of marine life and it contains living organisms within or on its structure. Now, a wide range of sea creatures can dwell in the live rock like bacteria, sponges, fan worms, micro algae, shrimps, crab, soft and hard corals, and many more. Now, we cannot just put this live rock inside our aquarium and let any kind of marine creature live and grow in the aquarium. There are many considerations and limitations that we must follow for a best reef aquarium.

Some forms of life are not suitable for living outside the natural conditions of the sea and they won’t stand the transition between ocean to tank, and they would probably die in the process called “curing” the live rock. There are also some organisms and other things that may come with the live rock that are not desirable for your reef aquarium, like certain forms of algae, predatory shrimps, or crabs, etc. The crucial part in assembling a reef aquarium is that live rock establishes a diversity of life forms that would be impossible to achieve through the only intentional introduction of organisms. You cannot just take out the live rock and other sea creatures out of the sea and put them directly in the tank. There are many considerations that we have to make for assembling our reef aquarium.

So let’s get started……

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