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Reefscapes: Nature’s Aquarium DVD (2nd Edition)

OVERVIEW: The world’s most breathtaking underwater scenery transforms your widescreen into
a natural ocean aquarium! Reefscapes: Nature’s Aquarium takes the aquarium DVD concept to
the next level because it wasn’t filmed in a fish tank — instead, it was filmed on actual coral reefs.

Ideal when you want something beautiful, colorful and inspirational to showcase on your
TV or computer… Reefscapes sets the perfect mood whether you’re entertaining friends, looking to be
uplifted, or simply relaxing at the end of the day.

MAIN FEATURE: From the clear blue waters of the Fiji Islands, Reefscapes: Nature’s
brings you a beautiful hour-long collection of seamlessly unfolding ocean scenes.
Magnificent corals serve as a natural backdrop to the hundreds of colorful fish as they peacefully swim
through this unique tropical marine stage… and the action unfolds not within the confines of a fish
tank, but in the South Pacific’s limitless blue. Professionally filmed using high-end optics and
super-wide lenses for outstanding picture clarity, you’ll experience the ocean’s coral reefs as if you
were right there!

BONUS FEATURE: The bonus featurette Reefscapes: A Closer Look guides you a 20-minute
undersea journey where you’ll meet the tropical species that inhabit Fiji’s pristine reefs: butterflyfish,
shrimps, angelfish, turtles, sea stars, parrotfish, anemones… A Closer Look is an enchanting virtual
dive, and even includes optional subtitles that identify each critter for you.

SOUNDTRACKS: The exquisite visuals are enhanced by your choice of digital audio: the reef’s
natural soundtrack of bubbles and crackles, or the serene music of award-winning composer Bjorn Lynne.

LOOP PLAYBACK: The DVD loops automatically for continuous playback — designed for
uninterrupted relaxation and background ambience.

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  1. Abaco24 says:

    Scuba Dive in your living room…………. WOW! I just put the DVD in and the reefs are amazing. I hope to dive Fiji at one point in my life. At first I thought….this has to be photoshopped, but then I see the surge of the soft corals and too many fish for it not to be an actual reef. Excellent DVD, the best I’ve ever seen and I own 4 other supposed reef DVD’s which are mostly somebody’s reef aquarium at home with 5 or 6 fish. 5 stars Mates to the developers which are from Australia.This is the only one to buy, you will not regret it. Viewing on my 46″ LCD and my BP is now down 20 points. Kids would love this too for you stay at home Mom’s that are going nuts over seeing “Dora the Exployer” 100 times a day. If you’re a scuba diver it will give you the fix you need until you go down again………Make sure you buy the 2nd edition which is the wide screen version for todays larger TV’s.

  2. Jimbo986 says:

    Really nice video for plasma or LCD I purchased this DVD because I love to have interesting stuff on my flat screen. This is a very good quality DVD with very peaceful videos of marine life. The fish are very calming and the transitions are extremely smooth. This is a great video to leave on while entertaining. The music is very calming. I am also an avid scuba diver so it was also nice to se all the marine life. I hope to see more of these videos in the future.

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