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Saltwater Fish and Reef Tanks: From Beginner to Expert

“Right to the point essential information for anyone starting a reef or saltwater tropical fish tank. “

The hobbyist’s best friend: Saltwater Fish and Reef Tanks eliminates the guesswork so you can succeed in setting up a saltwater aquarium. Now, you can easily own a happy, stable, colorful, and healthy saltwater fish tank. The author is a long-time reef enthusiast and past store-owner who began his first aquarium setup nearly fifteen years ago. This book was written as a road-map to a positive experience with your saltwater tank, saltwater fish, and corals.

Neil Barnhart called Saltwater Fish and Reef Tanks, “a must have for anyone interested in starting in the hobby” and went on to say he’d been “in the hobby for 5 years now” and “finally understand things” that he was “embarrassed to ask the store guy”

david S. said Saltwater Fish and Reef Tanks is, “super helpful for even advanced aquarists” and went on to call it, “A must have reference that will make the hobby experience a lot more enjoyable.”

Matt Brown said it was a, “great tool to use” adding, “The tables within it are extremely useful” and “I can’t think of another book that was as easy and enjoyable to read.”

Blaine Hatton said, “it took many mistakes to learn what this book explains. I would recommend it to anyone that is interested in beginning a saltwater aquarium” it “will help save you a lot of headaches and probably lots of money.”

Bo Garrett called it a “motivation and inspiration.” Mr. Garrett went on to say, “you’ll find an unbelievable amount of information.”

You’ll appreciate the way the reader is walked through the process of owning a saltwater aquarium or reef tank from the perspective of a beginner. The conversational tone of the book wakes up the reefer inside you so you can get your aquarium setup fast and efficiently.

Beginning with the author’s first saltwater aquarium setup experience and ending with a chapter on responsible reef-keeping, the reader is offered a vast amount of information that usually costs the aquarist quite a bit of time and money to obtain; the precise reason most reef and saltwater fish tank hobbyists quit within the first year.

Not only is almost every aspect of owning your first saltwater tank in this book, but the easy-to-understand conversational-tone allows the beginner to learn the ins and outs of setting up a saltwater aquarium. The reader is encouraged to make copies of tables provided in the book and use them for maintenance logs, testing logs, and aquarium cost calculations. There is an extensive amount of information about the cycling period, water parameters and testing, necessary equipment, picking healthy livestock, acclimation of livestock, coloration of corals, and lots more.

Whether you are new to saltwater aquariums or just want to brush up on what you’ve learned over the years, Saltwater Fish and Reef Tanks is the right book for you!

Inside you’ll find:

Before the Decision to Buy

Deciding on Tank Size

The Aquarium Cycle and Biological Filtration

Setup Checklist

Bringing Home Livestock

Acclimating Livestock

Feeding the Aquarium

Maintaining Your Tank

Water Testing Log Sheet

General Maintenance Log Sheet

Specifics on Water and Water Quality


Selecting Healthy Livestock


How to Move a Tank

Local Markets

Marine Ich

Do I Need Invertebrates?

Responsible Reef Keeping

This is your moment. Make it the turning point in your reef tank. Get your copy now to see for yourself how Saltwater Fish and Reef Tanks can help you!

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