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Searenity Wall Mounted Aquariums DORADO in Brushed Aluminum

Searenity Aquariums provides a portal between modern society and our beautiful, blue sea, in order to capture these invigorating moments that life has to offer and are otherwise ignored. We take pride in bringing the breathtaking ocean and all of its splendor it has to offer to your home & business in the most innovative, creative, and artistic fashion ever created. DORADO-Meaning golden in Spanish, also referred to as Mahi-mahi, are most renowned for their illustrious coloration of gold, metallic blue, green, yellow, and white. The Dorado has a compressed body and a long dorsal fin that extends the entire length of its body. Like the Dorado, this is the most rectangular of our small aquariums. Dorado Aquariums are your ideal aperture to the sea for bedrooms, office rooms, small living rooms, or any other rooms where space is reduced or busy.

Product Features

  • Deep Blue Sea background
  • Submersible water filter
  • Custom light
  • siphon cleaner
  • Size: 46″W x 17″H x 4.5″D

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