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Tap Water Filter

Single cartridge tap water filtration system; filters 10 gallons of water per hour with no waste.

Product Features

  • Removes impurities from tap water to create perfect deionizer water
  • Use for fresh and saltwater aquariums
  • No assembly required and attaches easily to most faucets

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  1. J. Gassensmith says:

    Not really worth it. Conceptually this is a good method of transforming hard water into “soft” water via an ion exchange resin located inside the column. Unfortunately, hard water (which exists where water is pulled from the ground, typically) reduces the usability to about 10 gallons of water. Further, the columns are difficult to swap out without producing periodic leaks, they are awkward to store when not in use and they cannot be regenerated at home necessitating the purchase of new columns very frequently.It does not provide value for the cost.

  2. Marcus G says:

    Convenient, but expensive for hard water. So I have off the scale, hard municipal water… and this filter actually does a pretty good job on it. It produces water completely free of contaminates, chlorine, etc (using api test kit ofc), and does so at 10 gph with no runoff – more efficient than most home RO machines, especially at the price. It’s also extremely simple to hook up and use.The problem is, I too only got an estimated 30-40 gallons out of the canister, which is well short of the advertised average of 50-150 gallons.My tank is an open design 55 gallon, and I lose close to 5 gallons a week to evaporation. So I did some math.40 gallons produced (1 canister) / 5 gallons per week = roughly 8 weeks of use, for $22 plus shipping40 gallons x .50 cents at the RO machine down the street = $20 (minus hauling all that water up 2 flights op stairs every other week)After a close race, the machine loses by a narrow margin. But only because the canisters cost too much. If they were to drop the price a bit, I might pick some up for the convenience alone. As for now, I’ll pretend to be content lugging water cans around all the time. Guess it’s good exercise.

  3. Alice Burkhart says:

    Not my first one I got 10 years out of my old DI filter, running off water for many salt tanks in a way that didn’t waste water the way my old RO unit did. But eventually, the fitting cracked, and I am just thrilled they are still being manufactured. Great, efficient, yes cartridges are pricey but on a decent water supply they last a while, and takes little storage space.

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