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Tetra 29137 WaterWonders Aquarium Cube, 1.5 Gallons, Black

Water Wonders 1-1/2-gallon aquarium kits are fun, easy and fit anywhere. Whisper internal filtration with easy-to-replace BioBags keeps water crystal clear. Innovative built-in plant grid and plants makes it easy and quick to decorate. Low voltage LED lighting provides a bright aquarium and enhances safety. Integrated drawer in base provides storage for food and other supplies. Includes TetraCare with free online and tol-free assistance for setting up and successfully maintaining the aquarium. Kit includes a clear virtually unbreakable tank, Whisper Internal filter for crystal clear water, easy-to-change Bio-Bag filter cartridge, low voltage LED light, air pump and airline tubing, 2 decorative plants and innovative built-in plant grid, and a complete set-up guide.

Product Features

  • Easy, safe, and fun aquarium designed for beginners
  • Clear, resilient acrylic tank offers beautiful underwater view
  • Convenient 1.5-gallon size fits almost anywhere
  • Completely equipped for instant setup
  • Includes filter, pump, tubing, adjustable LED light, filter cartridge, plants, and complete setup guide

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