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Tetra 8.45-Ounce AquaSafe Water Conditioner with BioExtract

All the features of todays AquaSafe® now with BioExtract. The new formula now contains seaweed extracts (natural biopolymers) which support the development of beneficial filter bacteria for healthy and clear water.

Product Features

  • The added ingredients help to reduce aquarium pollution
  • Works in seconds to neutralize chlorine, chloramines, and heavy metals present in tap water that can be harmful to fish
  • Provides a slime coating to help wounds heal and protect fish from abrasions
  • AquaSafe® can be used with freshwater and marine fish
  • AquaSafe® is the market leading water conditioner brand in the US and has been protecting fish for over 30 years

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  1. K. BATEY "BeachShiba" says:

    Keeps your Beta healthy!! 7 drops in an average little fish bowl with normal water and I have had a Beta for over two years now using nothing but this! Every couple of weeks, I rinse the bowl, replace water, put the drops in, done deal. Good stuff. Keeps your fish healthy. The end.

  2. heaya says:

    There is better stuff out there that isn’t as costly So, I used this initially when I first got an aquarium because someone else told me they used it. At first all was fine, it does what it needs to do by getting rid of the ammonia/chlorine from tap water.Here’s the thing, these water conditioners that have “slime coat” crap in them, the way they work is by BURNING the fish, the irritation induces them to produce their slime coat. I wasn’t aware of this, but when I was using it, I noticed that some of my fish would always flash – swim rapidly up and down the glass – I didn’t know if it was them being “excited” to have a water change, no, they were just in pain/stressed.Anyway, after coming to the end of my bottle in like 1 month’s time, I ordered Seachem Safe (powder version of Prime). My fish no longer flash, and it works better, way more cost efficient. Save your money, buy Safe or Prime, both are way better.

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