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Tetra Aquarium Kit, 20 gallon, Glo-Fish

Experience the Glow with the Glofish 20 Gallon Aquarium. Glofish plants and decor are a new and exciting way to experience an aquarium.

Product Features

  • The blue LED light completely transforms your aquarium
  • GloFish and fluorescent d├ęcor create a colorful, neon display
  • GloFish Glass Aquariums are made in the USA and are built to last with scratch resistant glass
  • The Tetra Glofish Kit includes: one 20 Gallon Glass Aquarium, one LED hood, one Tetra Mini UL Heater, one Tetra Whisper 20 Filter, one Glofish 13″ LED Stick, three Glofish Plants, one Glofish Yellow Anemone. Add gravel and fish to complete your aquarium
  • Aquarium Dimensions: 24.2″ L x 12.4″ W x 16.7″ H

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