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Tetra Crescent Aquarium Kit, 5-Gallon

Desk top aquarium kit featuring a seamless, contemporary look and LED lighting technology and Whisper filtration.

Product Features

  • Desk top
  • cartridge based filtration
  • seamless aquarium
  • Curved front
  • Low voltage 16-LED light

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  1. Jose Solano "Blueheart" says:

    BEST tank aquarium My Betta fish looks extremely happy into this 3g tank; I just regret I didn’t buy the 5g version.The Whisper Micro Filter works SO good, it has a Flow Control system which allows me to select a very low flow, perfect for bettas!Unfortunately, the tank comes with a “medium” size filter, which is way TOOOOO big for the small tank. I know there is a “small” version of the Whisper Micro Filter, so I don’t understand why Tetra didn’t bundle it with this tank instead of the Medium size. :-SThe tank itself looks crystal clear, acrylic made, very resistant, and easy to clean. I recommend you to buy a special acrylic cleaner sponge since regular sponges will scratch it.I was speechless when I first turned the LED Lighting Lamp ON, it is magnificent! Perfect room lightning at night. LEDs technology is awesome, it doesn’t only lights better, but it saves a lot of energy compared to regular bulbs.I love all Tetra products! They are definitely the best.

  2. Kwesdog says:

    Great tank but filter is ??? Don’t get me wrong by the three stars. This tank is great but the filter set up is not a good one. The design of the items for the tank make everything fit perfectly. There is even a slot for a heater cord. The problem is the filter mount when used has the top of the filter to high in the tank so that the top of the filter is the same level with the top of the open tank thus can SLOWLY leak water along the mount to the outside of the tank. Bottom line is use the suction cups only and you will be happy. Had I really known about how this filter worked I would have gone with something like a fluval U1 or U2.

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