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The Aquarium DVD – Fullscreen Edition

We set out to make the best aquarium DVD on the market by filming the finest fish tanks available. We did a lot of research on the current DVDs on the market and we found quite a few areas we could improve upon.

Plasma Candy’s The Aquarium DVD Vol. 1 sets itself apart from the competition by:

1.) Using a fixed shot to create the illusion that your TV is an Aquarium.
(no panning or zooming unlike others that look like national geographic underwater moving footage).

2.). Playing the Dolby Digital Sound of an actual aquarium (no cheap royalty free ambient music)!

3.) Ensuring each tank is up to our highest standard. (no bad bonus tracks that we just added to pad the number of tanks).

4.) Making the DVD Fullscreen so both widescreen and standard sized TVs can view it without annoying black bars.

5.) Filming so the fish are represented in their actual life size.
(others look like monster fish on larger TVs)

6.) Making it easy and fast to play. Put it in your DVD player and the menu pops up immediately ready for you to enjoy.
(no annoying 5 minute branding intros or FBI Copyright Warnings)

7.) Using real life fish! (not computer animated fish like some others).

8.) Featuring aquariums with incredible reef and live plant backgrounds. (not just standard boring pet store holding tanks).

Shot in HD

Plasma Candy’s Aquarium DVD Vol. 1 was shot using a high powered HD (High Def) camera, however like all the non-BlueRay DVDs out there, the quality will be just slightly better than a standard DVD. (We just don’t want to mislead you by saying “shot in HD” like all the other companies without explaining that fact.)

You’re sure to enjoy the 5 elegant fish tanks (2 freshwater & 3 saltwater) included on this DVD. Sit back & relax with these impeccably maintained tanks with crystal clear water and vibrant healthy fish.

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  1. S. Ruston says:

    Well Done! I usually don’t leave reviews like this, but after reading many and finally making up my mind on which Aquarium DVD to purchase I wanted to leave my own. I found the other reviews on this DVD to be very accurate. The fish look amazing on a both large and small televisions. This is important to me because I’ve seen DVDs where a small tank was filmed and when you watch it on a 50″ plasma the fish look like monsters. The backgrounds in all cases help make the scenes look very natural. Other DVDs I checked out seemed to have very plain or no backgrounds and this didn’t impress me as much as the live rock or greenery. My wife and I had friends over during the 4th of July and everyone loved it. Sure, they could have just been acting polite, but two of them asked me to write down the name and where they could purchase one. This was very well done.

  2. kindred spirit says:

    Amazing so relaxing and beautiful. I’m almost afraid the floor is getting wet. LOL. No kidding this is so beutiful and relaxing. All it has is the sound of the filter and water bubbles which is great. If we want music we can add our own.I’ve had fish on and off my whole life and was having thoughts of getting another aquarium. Then thought of this. No work, no big bucks, all the joys. I have a 32 inch LCD HDTV and The fish look absolutely real. They are the right size and it doesn’t loop back the same 6 seconds, you get straight full clips of 6 different tanks, saltwater and freshwater. I cannot take my eyes off of it. So Peaceful.This is the best relaxation therapy I have seen in years. You will not be disappointed. All 5 star reviews and worth it’s weight in gold.

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