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The Conscientious Marine Aquarist: A Commonsense Handbook for Successful Saltwater Hobbyists

Drawing upon a lifetime of aquatic experience, marine biologist Bob Fenner demystifies the process of planning, setting up, stocking, and managing a beautiful, thriving slice of the tropical ocean. A leading advocate for the responsible collection and care of wild-caught specimens, Fenner starts with the basics and proceeds to give the reader the scientific background and expert-level secrets to being a smarter consumer, better reef steward, and more successful marine aquarium keeper.

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  1. Lorenzo F. Gonzalez "Outdoors Adrenaline Geek" says:

    THE “Must-Have” volume for beginning and intermediate… This is far and away the best book about hobbyist fishkeeping I have EVER read – that includes everything for freshwater, as well. Probably little here for the very experienced marine aquarist, but for the beginner, there is NO BETTER BOOK. It’s worth every penny I spent on it. The author even points out silly errors and terrible misinformation present in OTHER books I also own! It is the ultimate reference, with enough information to take the complete newbie from a simple fish-only setup to a reasonably advanced reef system, avoiding the many, MANY possible pitfalls in between, from equipment and feeding, to which fish will eat your invertebrates (and vice-versa). Highly opinionated, and incredibly experienced, the author also demonstrates a rare talent in this typically dry genre: His prose is actually FUN to read, and his points are highly memorable because of it.

  2. Too Cold in Madison says:

    Buy This One Next! Thinking of getting into the saltwater aquarium hobby? Do not buy anything until you have read this book cover to cover! You will be sorry if you don’t. By applying the principles in this book, you will have much greater success at the venture. You will save a lot of money and spare the lives of many fish.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Excellent book for beginner and expert alike! I had already been in the reef aquarium hobby for a year when I picked up this book. Most of the information I had already heard about, but alot of it was either new to me or covered in a new way. This book will give the straight talk about which fish and animals are “best” for the aquarium, and the author is not afraid to say what is wrong with keeping certain type of fish. A must for beginners, a decent refernce for all other aquarium keepers.

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