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The New Reef Aquarium: Setup, Care and Compatibility

There are few things more relaxing than watching a living reef aquarium filled with bright, exotic, colorful fish. Your eyes are soon transfixed on the breath-taking corals with their mind-blowing colors and endless shapes. Having your own living reef is the ultimate hobby and a spectacular achievement.

To create a thriving living reef takes the right equipment, knowledge, compatible livestock and routine care. Over 25 years of working with reefs Laurren Schmoyer has discovered many hidden secrets and has finally created a blue print to help you build your own amazing living reef aquarium! His book is packed with pictures to guide you through each step in creating, stocking and caring for your reef. To get you started, you will learn what essential equipment is needed. Laurren explains the details clearly, and in laymen terms, so that everyone can immediately grasp the content.

You will learn that the foundation of a reef aquarium is live rock, just like is found in the ocean reefs. As its name suggests, live rock is rock with living organisms including animals, plants, algae, bacteria, etc. attached to and growing in and on it. We stack live rock in aquarium reefs to create caves and crevices which, besides being aesthetically pleasing, give fish and invertebrates hiding places so that they can feel secure. Shelves are built into the rockwork at varying depths to place corals upon. You will soon learn the hidden techniques to creating your own rockwork masterpiece.

This book shows a step-by-step process for assembling a reef aquarium. Follow these steps to expertly set up your reef. Once it is assembled and water is added, the aquarium will go through a biological process called “The Nitrogen Cycle” which is thoroughly explained, along with more essential information on water quality.

There are hundreds of species of beautiful saltwater fish available to hobbyists. But, how do you know which are safe to add to a reef aquarium?

Fortunately, you do not have to harm any fish or waste your money purchasing fish that are not compatible in reef aquariums. In this book you will find lists of brightly-colored fish which are safe to use in a reef. For instance, Royal Grammas are a magnificent purple on the front part of their body with a brilliant yellow back portion. As beautiful as this one fish is, imagine a reef filled with a variety of vividly colored fish.

A reef would not be complete without the entertaining and playful antics of invertebrates such as shrimp, snails, crabs and starfish. These critters are not only fun to watch, many are beneficial since they consume unwanted algae and uneaten fish foods. WARNING: some invertebrates will cause havoc in a reef. So how do you know which ones to choose? This book will tell you which invertebrates are safe.

The addition of live corals can transform an ordinary saltwater fish aquarium into a beautiful, vibrant underwater world. Corals are available in nearly every color imaginable and in a huge variety of shapes and sizes. Some sway with water currents while others tower majestically in brilliant blues, purples, reds and greens. The fact is, some corals are very aggressive and will attack other corals. Choosing compatible corals takes knowledge which this book delivers.

This book follows through by telling you the best techniques to acclimate your livestock, foods and feeding strategies, how to care for your reef, and much more.

You are about to start an amazing adventure. Mixing corals, invertebrates and fish from all over the world is both a skill and an art. This book will give YOU the confidence and knowledge to create your own underwater masterpiece.

If you’re serious about wanting to create your own gorgeous, living slice of the ocean, then you need to order a copy of “The New Reef Aquarium: Setup, Care and Compatibility” right now!

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