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The Reef Aquarium DVD, A Set Up And Maintenance Guide

The Reef Aquarium DVD is a totally independent video production on how to budget, what to buy, how to install, how to maintain and how to service your marine reef aquarium. Robert L. Wiatroski, our expert with over 20 years of reef keeping experience, walks you through all the steps you need to start your saltwater reef aquarium or to keep the one you have running clean and healthy. How do you catch a fish that hides in the live rock? How do you avoid your sump overflowing and creating a huge mess in your living room? How do you have a harmonious tank? How do you get rid of ick even before it gets in your tank? What salinity should you keep your quarantine tank at? The answer to these and many more questions can be found inside The Reef Aquarium DVD, A Set Up And Maintenance Guide.

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