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TOM Aquarium Maintenance Mr. Cleaner Battery Operated Gravel Siphon

TOM TM1096 Aquarium Maintenance Mr. Cleaner Battery Operated Gravel Siphon. KollerCraft is highly regarded for supplying superior quality, innovative pet products and reliable service. This battery operated siphon is perfect for siphoning nano tanks and other aquariums when you need to remove fish waste and other detritus without removing valuable aquarium water. Easy flow rate allows for spot cleaning and getting to difficult to reach areas

Product Features

  • Battery operated siphon is perfect for siphoning nano tanks
  • Easy flow rate allows for spot cleaning and getting to difficult to reach areas
  • Removes debris without removing valuable aquarium water
  • Reliable and easy-to-use
  • Features easy flow rate

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  1. Lady Shmoe says:

    Better than paying for the Eheim. I originally had my heart set on the Eheim Quick Vac Pro, which was over $60. I saw this priced at less than a third of the cost and decided to give it a shot. I had to search online for instructions on how to assemble but was surprised that it went together just how I thought – that I should have kept tinkering with it and I would have had it.This was tested out on a 20 gallon long bare-bottom tank with tons of detritus that my siphon never seemed to remove. At first, the thing takes a little help to get suction. I had to tilt it over into the water right up to the “Water Line” indication. Once I had the water level to where it had suction, I began to move the gravel washer head around. It seemed to pick up better when the detritus was already afloat – not laying on the bottom of the tank.I was not too terribly impressed with the suction UNTIL I removed the gravel washer head. It is totally unnecessary and decreases the efficiency of this vacuum. I had to stop to rinse the net out twice, and to fiddle with the impeller to remove dead snail shells. (puffer tank) To avoid pulling things into the impeller I placed a brine shrimp net over the intake pipe. This also helped me “steer” the intake pipe around the tank because the vacuum is a little oddly balanced.Be aware that this does not put the water back into the tank internally. Water is pulled up through the pipe, towards the impeller, and into the waste collection net, then back into the tank on the OUTSIDE of the pipe it just went up. You will have to pay attention so that you don’t move the vacuum too close to the edge of your tank thus holding the collection net over the edge of your tank and siphoning sediment free water onto your floor.****mine came with an algae scraper head, which I have yet to use****mine came with a hose adapter, for use in siphoning water, which I have not usedIn summary – for $16 this product did great (without the gravel washer head)

  2. Kathryn says:

    Can’t live without this This vacuum is the best thing since sliced bread. It goes together easily, has great pick-up suction, the tubing is long enough to reach the back corners of a 20 inch tall tank and does not lose power. The on/off switch at the top if convenent and easy to get to. I have dropped the entire vaccum in the tank, dried off the batteries and continued cleaning.The only issue this vacuum has is the “sock” for catching debris. I replaced that with a knee-high nylon, you know the womens sock for pants and dress shoes, held it on with a rubber band and clean without debris that someone else complained of.This vacuum makes tank maintenance so easy and I tend to “tidy up” almost daily. Thank you Tom Aquarium Supply and give a raise to whoever came up with this idea.Kathryn

  3. Mr.Chunky Monkey says:

    Very useful siphon, works as described, helps clean bottom fo the aquarium The company that I purchased this from, Strictly Pet Supplies, sent the item very quickly and it was packaged well as well.The siphon works great and is easy to use. When it touches the bottom it won’t pick up the aquatic soil or rocks, but it will pick up all the crap and fish excriment that has accumulated there. The tube has an adjustable length so I can use it in my tall and short aquariums. You can also purchase replacement filter bags.Some other reviewers on other sites complained that the item is fragile and can break. This is true. Some parts looks like they’re made from thin plastic and can break if you drop it. But its not the manufacturers fault, you just have to be careful when using it.

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