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Wall Mount Fish Bowl Aquarium Tank Beta Goldfish

Wonderful Wall Mount Fish Bowl!

Measures 10″ in Diameter.

Made from Acrylic.

Easily Mounts to the Wall.

Open top for Easy Cleaning.

Holds Approximately 1 Gallon of Water.

This is a great item for any fish lover or even yourself as a decoration.


Product Features

  • Awesome Wall Mount Fish Bowl
  • Great for Decoration for Beta & Goldfish
  • Measures 10″ in Diamter
  • Screws into any Wall, Easy Opening & Cleaning
  • Made from Acryllic

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  1. Stephanie Panas says:

    Cute, but cruel. Sorry, but it’s true! I was really excited about finding this wall-mounted fish bowl, and when it arrived I was delighted. I got it set up (it was very easy to hang), added my beta and thought it looked fabulous. It seemed sturdily made, and truly was an attention-grabber and a conversations starter. However, after a short while I found myself looking at my beta, who hardly had room to turn around, and feeling pretty guilty about keeping a living creature in such a tiny world simply because I thought it was pretty to look (and contrary to popular belief, betas do not “like” living in cups because it mimics their natural habitat. This is a lie to get people to buy betas in cups). After a few weeks I broke down and bought a small aquarium. The beta is MUCH happier and frankly I am as well, because it addition to assuaging my guilt I find the beta much more interesting to watch now that he has room to spread his fins a bit. I now have aquatic plants in the wall-mounted bowl, and can enjoy its beauty in a guilt-free fashion. It’s much better.

  2. chookey says:

    Not using it for its intended purpose I didn’t buy these on amazon but I did but 2 of them at a pet store. I gave this product 5 stars because you don’t have to use them for its intended purpose. As soon as I saw these an idea popped into my head. While I would never put a fish in here ever I bought some river rocks, and tea light candles. I covered the bottom with the river rocks filled the “tank” half ways with water and put in the tea light. It looks so beautiful and brings a smile to my face when ever I walk by them. Sometimes I take out the candles and put in a fake flower, or put rose petals in them. So many possibilities with this product but should never be used for fish.

  3. Artistic Mind says:

    5 Tips On How to Help Keep Your Fish Alive in This Tank If you don’t care about living animals and view fish as decoration, then you will probably have no issues with this product.If you do care about animals and their wellbeing, you will soon realize that this home is not ideal for any fish.There are essentially only two types of fish that can technically survive this tank: the betta and the goldfish. Any other breed of fish will not be able to live in these conditions due to the lack of a filter and lack of air bubbles.Goldfish: May survive in this tank for a few months, most goldfish are over 10 inches in length once they become adults. These fish are often bought when they are 1 inch in size. A small goldfish would be 6 inches, which is still far too big for this tank. Goldfish can live for many years. Most fish can, yet many fish die prematurely in our care. I would not recommend buying a goldfish for this tank. It might be okay if you’re using this tank to house feeder goldfish for a different pet… but a goldfish will not last long in this small tank.Betta: These beauties have a lot of personality if you take the time to pay attention. Some are shy, others are curious, and most are responsive to their owner/feeder. Some bettas learn to communicate to let you know that they are hungry. This may be by tapping on the glass to get your attention or by swimming along the glass whenever you pass by. A single betta thrives in 5 or more gallons. You will find that when a betta has the space to grow healthy, it will be more vibrant in color, have flowing fails free of tangles, and will have a bright spirit. Bettas can live longer than 6 years with proper care. A betta that is stuck living in a one gallon tank (or smaller) will likely be prone to disease due to stress. It is unlikely that it will live out its full lifespan.Here are a few tips to keep your fish healthy in case you decide to have this tank:Important Tip #1: Water ChangesA healthy betta can survive a couple or more years in a one gallon tank. Note the word “survive.” Do not fool yourself into thinking you are providing your fish an ideal home. You owe it to your fish to keep the tank clean. I recommend changing the water once every week. You will have to do at least a 25% water change. I am not a fan of 100% water changes but you could do it if you feel it’s appropriate. You can use a pipette/turkey baster to clean the waste and decomposing food from the gravel. You can use this to do spot cleanings as well. Try to keep the water within 3 degrees of the current water temperature. Failing to do so can cause shock to your fish, which can kill it. A healthy strong fish might be able to withstand a greater range (i.e. 5 degrees difference from the current water temperatures). Most fish will not be able to handle much more than that.Important Tip #2: Water ConditionersWhen changing the water, don’t forget to add a water conditioner to the tap/filter/bottle water before exposing the water to your fish. Some people dump the water into the tank and then add the water conditioner afterward. This adds a lot of stress on the fish and could kill any fish. It might not kill your fish the first time you change the water this way, but it might the next time. For this reason, it is best to treat the water first before adding it to your tank. Water conditioners removes chlorine and neutralizes chloramines. Some brands even remove ammonia (which is created from the waste your fish produce). Most work instantly. I don’t have any recommendations. They’re easy to find.Important Tip #3: Beneficial BacteriaThis is a very important tip! I strongly recommend buying a biological supplement to keep beneficial bacteria in the tank. This will help promote a livable environment and will help keep your fish healthy. This is crucial since you will not have a filter (which harbors and spreads good bacteria after the tank is properly cycled). I recommend Nutrafin Cycle Biological Filter Supplement. It’s easy to find and it works pretty well as long as you shake the bottle before every use. There are other brands, of course; but Nutrafin is the only one I ever tried so you’ll have to do your own research if you want to use a different brand. This beneficial bacteria should be added with every water change. Plan to use this weekly. 1ml should suffice per water change.Important Tip #4: Decor, Plants & SubstrateThe gravel or sand you use in the tank will help house the beneficial bacteria. You don’t want to add too much since the fish won’t have any space to move. I recommend adding one real plant to help add oxygen to the tank. You will likely have to trim the plant so it doesn’t overtake the tank. If you feel this is too much work, then add one fake plant. I wouldn’t advise adding more than a total of two plants. I do recommend that the plants have big leaves so that your fish will have somewhere to rest…

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