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Wall Mount Hanging Beta Fish Bubble Aquarium Bowl Tank

Item: Wall Hanging Fish Bowl

Dimension: Measures 10.5″ inches in diameter. Holds approximately 1 gallon of water.

Material: Acrylic


Product Features

  • Wall Hanging Fish Bowl
  • Measures 10.5″ inches in diameter
  • Holds approximately 1 gallon of water

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  1. S. Faizi says:

    We LOOOVE This Bowl! I had actually bought this as a replacement for our old wall mount betta bowl. My Husband had made the mistake of using an abrasive cleaning pad on the old ones surface and scratched it heavily. So my recommendation is to only wipe it with a damp cloth if it needs cleaning.But other than that it looks FABULOUS, a lot of people have admired it whenever they’ve seen it on our wall. It’s mounts well on the wall (if mounted properly) and our little guy loves his little “high rise” home :D I wouldn’t recommend removing it from the wall to replace the water, use a siphoning pipe and bucket instead to remove most of the water and then replacing it with fresh water.

  2. sjohnsen21 says:

    Fun but very hard to clean! I’ve had this bowl for about 6 months now and my beta is doing great! I get a ton of compliments when people walk in the front door and find a fish bowl hanging on the wall in front of them! Everyone says “Hey, that’s really cool!” It is fairly hard to clean and refill the bowl since there’s no way to set it flat but other than that I would definitely recommend.

  3. nikident88 says:

    Small The Bowl Tank is really nice but I thought it was bigger, it is too small, but hangs perfectly in the wall.

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