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Yescom 48″ Multi-Color 156 LEDs Aquarium Light Freshwater Saltwater Fish Tank Lamp

Upgraded Colorful Full Spectrum LED Aquarium Light with Extendable Brackets is great for your aquariums. It is not only helps algaes to grow more luxuriant, but also makes your aquatic plants have vivid color and adds ornamental value of your aquariums.

Package Contents:

*1x LED Aquarium Light

*1x Adaptor

*2x Extendable Brackets


*Aquarium Light:156 LEDs

*Fits for Aquarium Size:45″- 50″ Aquarium

*White LEDs:132pcs(8000K,0.1w)

*Blue LEDs:12pcs(460nm, 0.1W)

*Green LEDs:4pcs(500nm, 0.97W)

*Overall Size of Light:45-1/2″L x 5″W x 1-1/4″H

*Pink LEDs:4pcs (465nm, 0.1W)

*Red LEDs:4pcs (625nm, 0.08W)

*Adaptor Power:Input:100-240V 1.0A; Output:12V 2.6A

*Size of One Extendable Bracket:10-3/4″L x 4-1/4″W x 1″H

Product Features

  • Bright LEDs with 5 colors, full spectrum LEDs and makes phycophyta vivid
  • 3 optional control modes: All LEDs On / Only Blue LEDs On / Close
  • Extendable bracket makes LED light fits different size aquariums in extendable range
  • Aluminium alloy shell, much durable than those lights made of plastic
  • High efficiency, low energy dissipation, save cost, extend LEDs life span

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