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You Can Create A Stunning Saltwater Aquarium, Volume 1:Simple Step-By-Step Setup Guide

Keeping bright, colorful, exotic saltwater fish healthy and thriving for years in a saltwater aquarium is the norm for the pros. Now, YOU have the chance to learn how the experts create stunning saltwater aquariums filled with beautiful fish.

This guide discusses two different approaches to setting up your aquarium. The current trend is to setup new saltwater aquariums using live rock. The previous traditional method is to decorate with dead corals or synthetic decorations. Both practices have their advantages and this guide takes you through a step-by-step process to assembling the saltwater aquarium of your dreams, whichever method you decide!

You will learn the answers to such questions as, “What is live rock?” “Where does it come from?” “What are the benefits of using live rock to decorate an aquarium?”

Learn about the art to stacking live rock so that it creates underwater scenes which mimic ocean reefs. This book teaches you how the pros choose pieces of live rock and how to place and anchor these pieces. You will be able to replicate reef walls with large and small caverns through which fish can swim. You will discover secret techniques of this highly sought-after art.

This guide will also help you choose a proper filtration system and all the necessary equipment needed to create an amazing saltwater aquarium. Each step is broken down and the guide is packed with tips and photos.

Following this guide builds a strong foundation of saltwater knowledge, ensuring a fun and fulfilling fishkeeping future. All it takes is the right equipment and expert advice to keep fish healthy and thriving in an aquarium.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s a start in the right direction for most people, and it’s extremely inexpensive. All the information needed to get your first tank up and running.

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