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You Can Create A Stunning Saltwater Aquarium, Volume 2: Care, Maintenance and Fish Compatibly

Saltwater aquariums are beautiful, captivating and can be found almost everywhere – medical buildings, airports, restaurants, hotels – just about anywhere people congregate. Most of these breath-taking aquariums are cared for by professionals. Now is your chance to learn the same secret techniques only the pros know, to create your own healthy thriving beautiful saltwater aquarium.

This guide takes you through each step, breaking down the technical concepts to easy to understand non-technical language. As you follow each step of the guide, you will build a strong foundation. Your journey begins with The Nitrogen Cycle and water quality. The proven system in this book takes you through selecting hardy fish, groups of fish that are compatible with each other, the ins and outs of a quarantine aquarium, and even the safest way to introduce fish into your aquarium. When you have completed these sections, you will feel confident to know which fish will thrive together.

You will discover what really keeps these magnificent creatures alive and content for years, expert techniques to feeding and caring for your aquarium. Follow the same procedures as the pros and you will have same amazing results.

We know that watching fish swim can reduce stress and lower blood pressure. Begin your own remarkable aquatic journey armed with knowledge, accurate information and you will be well on your way to a very successful and rewarding adventure.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I bought this book because I read the author is an aquarium expert and I have several fears about keeping saltwater fish. One of my fears was making sure I get the water right. This book does a great job of breaking it down and now I get it. I was also concerned about knowing which fish go together. One section even gives lists of groups of compatible fish. The guide is easy to read and flows well. I had many questions about keeping saltwater fish and I got answers!

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