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Your New Saltwater Aquarium: A Step By Step Guide to Creating and Keeping a Stunning Saltwater Aquarium (+ Free Bonus Material)

Keeping bright, colorful, exotic saltwater fish healthy and thriving for years in a saltwater aquarium is the norm for the pros. Now YOU have the chance to learn how the experts create stunning saltwater aquariums filled with beautiful fish.

After over 25 years of working with saltwater aquariums, Laurren Schmoyer has penned his vast experience into a proven system for creating and maintaining amazing underwater paradises. This system guides you through each step, breaking down technical concepts into easy-to-understand language. It is packed with pictures to guide you through each step.

You will find two different approaches to setting up your aquarium. The current trend in saltwater fishkeeping is to set up new saltwater aquariums using live rock, also called FOWLR (Fish-Only-with-Live-Rock). Previously, the traditional method was to decorate with dead corals and/or synthetic decorations. Both practices have their advantages and this guide takes you through a step-by-step process to assembling the saltwater aquarium of your dreams – whichever method you decide.

You will learn the art to stacking live rock so that it creates underwater scenes which mimic ocean reefs. This book teaches you how the pros choose pieces of live rock and how to place and anchor these pieces. You will be able to replicate reef walls with large and small caverns through which fish can swim. You will discover secret techniques of this highly sought-after art.

Laurren’s guide will help you choose a proper filtration system and all the necessary equipment. Learn how to select hardy fish, groups of fish and invertebrates that are compatible with each other, the ins and outs of a quarantine aquarium, and even the safest way to introduce fish into your aquarium. When you have completed these sections, you will feel confident to know which fish will thrive together.

You will discover what really keeps these magnificent creatures alive and content for years as well as expert techniques to feeding and caring for your aquarium. This guide removes guesswork; allowing you to have the same amazing results as the pros.

This guide will help you build a strong foundation of saltwater knowledge, ensuring a fun and fulfilling fish keeping future. All it takes is the right equipment and expert advice to be able to select healthy fish and keep them thriving in an aquarium.

FREE BONUS Material!

Inside this book are links to 3 Free Bonuses:

Bonus 1 – A special report on “How You Can Select Healthy Saltwater Fish Like The Experts”

Bonus 2 – Helpful tracking forms to keep track of livestock and water test results

Bonus 3 – “The Perfect Fish Identifier Form” to help you decide if a particular fish is right for your aquarium.

If you are serious about wanting to create your own stunning underwater paradise, you need to order a copy of “Your New Saltwater Aquarium: A Step By Step Guide To Creating and Keeping A Stunning Saltwater Aquarium” right now.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This book covers every step of the aquarium experience, from planning and purchasing the right aquarium for your space, to selecting the right fish, environment, and even care instructions in order to set up and maintain your own beautiful aquarium. The author writes to both the novice and veteran aquarium owners, so this is definitely a useful tool for anyone interested in learning more about aquariums. There are many pictures that complement the already descriptive writing, so after reading I have found that I am able to readily recognize many different elements about aquariums that previously went unnoticed. Very helpful and I definitely recommend this book for anyone interested in learning more about aquariums!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I found this easy-to-read guide very informative! A must have if setting up saltwater no matter how much you know or think you know. Cant wait to start my transition from freshwater into saltwater with my fears and worries put to rest after reading this!

  3. Anonymous says:

    This book is excellent. I was interested in buying an aquarium, but it is a big investment and I wanted some advice. This book is a straightforward source of information. It took me through the entire process from planning where to put my aquarium, what to buy, how to set it up, and even has some information on maintaining it. The pictures are so helpful. I highly recommend this book to others.

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