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Common Goldfish Ailments

Just like any other animal; goldfish are immune to a variety of different problems that can interfere with their otherwise peaceful existence. Goldfish ailments aren’t necessarily common, if preventative measures are taken to keep the fish’s surroundings from becoming infected by bacteria, parasites, or other aquatic organisms.


Treating goldfish ailments will be entirely impossible if they are being hassled by healthier fish. Not to mention the fact that some ailments can be contagious — always quarantine sick looking fish in their own container.

Common Ailments

Bladder disease — Indicated by the fish floating on the top of the tank, or staying very close to the bottom for long periods of time. This is more often than not, a problem with gas and needs to be treated as such. If you were miserably bloated, you wouldn’t be too quick to eat some more right? This problem is best served by not feeding the fish for a few days

Lice — Indicated by green colored spots on the fish’s skin. This is one of a few deadly goldfish ailments and your fish tank should be immediately medicated to prevent death, or the problem spreading to other fish (if it hasn’t already).

Dropsy — Indicated by a swollen belly and distended scales; the most deadly of all goldfish ailments, it needs to be treated with quarantine and medication to be cleared up.

Ick — This problem is easy to diagnose, since your fish will have little white spots all over them. A cleaning of the tank, along with medicated drops or tablets in the water should clear up the “Ick”.

Food For Thought

You can’t always prevent problems from reaching the inside of your aquarium, but in most cases prevention is the best cure. If you provide clean water, a good filter and food for your goldfish, you should have very few problems. Most issues are caused by dirty, untreated water and in many cases; once goldfish ailments present themselves, they’re harder to get rid of.

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