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Goldfish – A Great Start to Fish Keeping

It is easy to get into some hobby like goldfish keeping. Just remember to consider the time amount required before getting into this hobby. Providing that you maintain your aquarium, you will have no trouble in caring for your goldfish during their lifetime. You can expect the average goldfish to live for about five to ten years. Keeping your aquarium clean allows those years to be happy one’s for you and your fish.


Before you buy your fish make sure that you have all of your equipment set up. You will only require a small amount of substrate if any at all because it may take a while to clean. Goldfish have a tendency to be rather messy. If you do put gravel be sure to rinse it out with water until the water runs clear. Many goldfish owners like to add decorations, if you want to add some, rinse them then place them in the tank. Goldfish do like their space so make sure there is adequate room for them.


You can now actually start pouring in some water in the tank. You will need to use a water conditioner because there is chemicals in tap water that is harmful to fish. When the tank is full it is time to start up the filter. Goldfish are cold water fish so you will not require a heater. They will adapt to a wide range of temperatures, but they will not adapt to fast changes in temperature.


It is necessary to slowly add fish. The waste that fish produce will not be able to dissipate fast enough if you add too many fish. Your tank will develop bacteria that consumes the harmful fish waste. This takes time, so that is why you can only start with one fish. If you have a new tank then it is helpful to do small water changes for a few days to help keep the water clean.


Food for your goldfish is easy to find, it will be available at most pet shops. Don’t forget to pick some up when you buy your fish. How you feed your fish is critical to the survival of your fish. Uneaten food is dangerous to the health of the tank as it will make the tank unclean. Observe your fish as they eat. Only provide enough food to the fish as it will eat in two to three minutes. Do this twice a day. It is more critical to not over-feed your fish in the beginning as it will cause the water to become toxic.


You may notice that your water starting to look cloudy. This is just a part of the nitrogen cycle. You should not be worried about this as it is completely normal. Just don’t add any more fish to the tank until the water clears. Following these tips will make sure you have a rewarding experience with one of the most popular fish species.


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