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Goldfish Tank

Owning your own goldfish is the perfect stepping stone to growing your fish tank aquarium hobby. Don’t be fooled though, with proper care goldfish can and will leave for many years. Make sure you are prepared to care for them or if it’s for the kids, make sure you are willing to pick up the pieces when they lose interest.

Experts will recommend against fish bowls, it’s just not enough space too keep a goldfish happy. A larger environment will take longer to change in PH and ammonia levels, small bodies of water can change very fast, if you don’t keep on top of it – there results could be disastrous. What im talking about is with small bowls, your going to have to change the water every single day.

Fish Tank Decorations

A castle or buried treasure chest might not really replicate the natural environment of a goldfish, but a few of these decorations shouldn’t hurt. Fish like to have the option to hide and conceal itself behind objects, having a few fish tank decorations is better than no objects at all.

Plants are often one of the key ingredients when building a gold fish tank, they provide real shelter and help keep the levels of nitrogen low, much like a in their real environment. Though, it can be a double edged sword. Decaying dead plants will only add to the level of waste creating poisonous ammonia, keep your plants in good shape and you shouldn’t have too many problems. One more point, goldfish specifically are know to devour live plants, quite aggressively so keep an eye on any new plants added to your aquarium.

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It’s important to understand the basics, read this article on goldfish tanks. There are indeed many unknown factors about your aquatic pets that you may not be told when buying from a pet store. Read up on the real facts at fish tank aquariums for beginners.

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