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Maximizing Goldfish Life Expectancy

The average goldfish life expectancy of a typical home goldfish is less than five years. This however, is a result of poor care, or lack of knowledge and not anywhere near the potential of this particular fish. If you give them proper care, are aware of potential health problems and purchase the fish from a reputable breeder to ensure good genetics: A goldfish can live anywhere from 10 to even 20 years. Maximizing goldfish life expectancy isn’t really all that difficult, you just have to keep their care on a schedule.


Proper Care


Everyone loves to feed treats to their dog, cat, bird, etc. Fish aren’t able to vomit if they become bloated with food, so don’t overfeed them or you will be putting their life on the line. It’s much better to underfeed a fish than give them too much. Be aware of the food needs of the particular variety of goldfish you have also.


Change their water regularly on a schedule and make sure you have a working filter to keep bacteria levels low and ensure the fish has clean water to breath through.


Potential Health Problems


This is directly related to giving your goldfish proper care. Goldfish life expectancy is very low for fish who are neglected and have to fight through bacterial and parasitic infections. Anything that puts a strain on their heart or internal organs will shorten their life significantly. Problems like “ich” and “dropsy” will damage their heart and even if they don’t die right away — the damage done can be permanent. Treatment of ailments needs to be immediate and precise.


Buying From a Breeder


The trouble with discount goldfish is that you don’t know what’s happened through the course of their life or their family bloodline. China and Japan have the best goldfish, as well as a reputation for having the best fry (baby fish). The goldfish life expectancy for a genetically healthy goldfish will be remarkably higher and importing Asian goldfish can be reasonably affordable. Many online and offline companies can facilitate the process for you as well.


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