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Red Sea MAX S-Series 650 Plug & Play Coral Reef System 175 gallon Aquarium with Stand, White

Max S-650 Complete Reef System – White Total Reef keeping Solution The Max S-Series Is An Innovative Plug & Play, Complete, Full Size Coral Reef Aquarium System. It Is Designed To Allow You To Focus On The Beauty And Diversity Of Your Own Piece Of Coral Reef, Rather Than Worrying About Component Selection, Suitability And Compatibility. Max S-Series Aquariums Are Fully Equipped With Everything You Need Including Features Such As Ultra Clear Glass, Reef Spec Lighting And Filtration, Customizable Fascia And A One-Plug Control Panel. Choosing The Red Sea Max S-Series Will Make Reef keeping Easier Than Ever Before. Customized Systems Make Your Max S Unique By Choosing From A Variety Of Six Modern Colors. The Cabinet Side Panels And Doors Are Attached To A Marine Spec Aluminum Frame And Are Not Load Bearing So They Can Be Replaced At Any Time, Allowing Renovation Or A Complete Color Change On A Functioning Aquarium. This Feature Combined With The Replaceable Trim On The Light And Aquarium Will Add A Significant Resale Value To The Max S-Series. All External Surfaces Use Weather Resistant Polyurethane Paints (Similar To Those Used In The Car Industry) Giving An Elegant And Durable Finish. Elegance And Durability Combined Max S-Series Aquariums Are Constructed From 12 – 15Mm Ultra Clear (Low Iron) Glass Supported By Saltwater Resistant Plastics And A Marine Spec Anodized Aluminum Frame. Designed For Simple Home Assembly, All Of The Gluing, Sawing And Wiring Has Already Been Done For You. The Saltwater-Resistant Color Trim Around The Top And Bottom Of The Aquarium Is Long-Lasting And Can Be Replaced At Any Time Should A Different Color Scheme Be Preferred. Sophisticated, Upgradeable Lighting System The Unique Max S-Series Slide & Swivel Lighting System Consists Of Three Individually Switched Lighting Units. The Identical Front And Rear 4 X T5 Units Are Hinged To The Lighting Chassis That Slides Across The Top Of The Aquarium Providing Total Access For All Maintenance An.

Product Features

  • Specification: 6
  • System water volume: Combined aquarium and sump 650 L (175 ga
  • Aquarium Volume: Display Tank With Rear Circulation Pump Chamber 560 L (150 Ga
  • Filtration Sump Volume: Glass Sump With Preparation For Auxiliary Reactors Or Refugium 90 L (25 Ga
  • Aquarium Glass Thickness Ultra Clear Front And Side Panels: 15 Mm ( 5/8

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LUFFY Betta Balls : Live Round-Shaped Marimo Plant : Natural Toys for Betta Fish : Aquarium Safe

Your betta has a history that is rich and as vibrant as its colors. With that being said, they deserve your care and attention. One of the best ways of doing this is by adding LUFFY Betta Balls to their tank.

In addition to adding color and character to your betta’s environment, LUFFY Betta Balls provide many healthy benefits for your betta, such as providing some additional oxygen to the tank water and helping to prevent the growth of algae. These large Miramos can also suck up nasty pollutants, such as nitrates and ammonia from your tank that can negatively affect your betta fish. With LUFFY Betta Balls, you also don’t have to worry about unwanted guest, like parasites and pond snails.

LUFFY Betta Balls are also very resilient and can adapt to various tank environments. They are snail proof, do not produce any dead matter, and do not need to be anchored like many other aquatic plants. Basically, LUFFY Betta Balls are almost impossible to kill.

Another benefit LUFFY Betta Balls offers is their entertainment value. Your betta loves to play by pushing objects around. These large Marimos are perfect for such activities since they are not anchored and easily pushed around the tank due to their round shape.

Product Features

  • Big and Beautiful Addition for Your Betta – These LUFFY Betta Balls are beautiful marimos that are a great addition for your betta’s tank. They are large, between 1.6 and 2-inches, and add color to your tank.
  • Natural Betta Tank Cleaner – LUFFY Betta Balls will help to keep your betta’s tank cleaner. Marimo moss balls naturally act as filters, sucking up and removing small amounts of debris, phosphates and ammonia that tend to build up in your betta’s environment.
  • Toy for Your Betta – Bettas love to move stuff around and LUFFY Betta Balls make the perfect toys for your watery pet. Therefore, not only do they help to keep your betta’s environment clean, they also provide them with entertainment.
  • Keep Your Betta’s Home Algae Free – Since LUFFY Betta Balls absorb many of the same nutrients algae feeds on, they help to prevent unwanted algae from growing in the tank, keeping your betta’s environment clean. Have a larger tank for your betta? Add a few more LUFFY Betta Balls. Please note that in one packet, you will receive one LUFFY Betta Ball.
  • Easy Maintenance – LUFFY Betta Balls require practically no maintenance. All they need are some light, fresh water and something to feed off of. Basically, everything you already have in your betta’s tank. The only other additional maintenance is that when you change your betta’s water, you have to give the Betta Balls a squeeze over a sink or bucket to help remove any built up pollutants. When done, simply toss it back in the tank.

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biOrb CLASSIC 15 Aquarium with LED Light – 4 Gallon, Silver

If you’re looking for a simple starter aquarium then the biOrb CLASSIC 15 Aquarium is for you. You can be up and running in no time, everything you need is in one box. It really is a case of just adding water and fish. Does small mean unhealthy? Not at all, the biOrb CLASSIC 15 actually has a biological filtration system that is bigger than any other similar sized aquarium. In fact, many aquariums twice its size have less biological filtration. To maintain your biOrb CLASSIC 15 all you need to do is simply replace the filter cartridge every six weeks and change a third of the water every two weeks. The biOrb CLASSIC 15 is an illuminated aquarium equipped with a Standard LED Light. For your peace of mind, the light and air pump are low voltage and both are backed by a 12 month guarantee. The aquarium itself is made from acrylic which is ten times stronger than glass. All in all, a perfect starter aquarium with all the performance you’d expect from a bigger set up. Includes: 4 Gallon Acrylic Aquarium, biOrb 12V Transformer, biOrb Air Pump, Airstone, Ceramic Media (1 pound), Filter cartridge, Water Conditioner 5 ml, Beneficial Bacteria liquid 5 ml, and Standard LED light unit.

Product Features

  • Constructed Out of Acrylic- 10 times stronger than glass, 50% lighter and 93% clearer
  • True 5 Stage Filtration – Biological, Mechanical, Chemical, Water Stabilization and Oxygenation
  • Low Voltage – All biOrb aquariums operate from a 12V Transformer
  • LED Lighting – Equipped with a long lasting, low voltage Standard LED Light
  • Filter Cartridge – A true “one size fits all” filter for the biOrb aquariums

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COODIA Aquarium Hood Lighting Color Changing Remote Controlled Dimmable RGBW LED Light for Aquarium/ Fish Tank, High Quality Extendable upto 28 inches (For Fresh and Salt Water)

1–This item is non water-proof, so don’t put it into the water.
2–This light fits those tanks 19inch–28inch(48cm–70cm) in length,please do confirm the length of you tank before purchasing.
3–The receiver on the cord SHOULD NOT be covered so it can receive signal from the remote controller.

Why is lighting so important for aquariums
Firstly, sufficient light allows people to have a better view of the fish and plants in the aquarium tank. With sufficient light, the fish and plants look much clear and more beautiful.
Secondly but the most important, proper light can provide integral energy to the fish and plants. Light is essential factor for any living system that need photosynthesis, such as algae, anemones and coral and other underwater living plants.
Thirdly, proper light also influence the behavior and physiology of fish. In a word, proper light is integral for the overall health of the entire aquarium ecosystem.

Color of the Light: Multiple color (16 kind of color,as the remote controller shows)
Voltage: 100-240v
LED Quantity: 72 LEDs
Housing material: Aluminium
Cable Length: 1.5M
Output: DC20V 1A
Power: 12W
Product Weight: 800g
Package Dimension: 57*12*6cm
Package Weight: 900g

Package Content:
1 x Aquarium Fish Tank LED Light
1 x US Plug
1 x Remote controller
1 x User’s manual
2 x Bracket

Product Features

  • Multiple colors and multiple lighting modes.This light is also beneficial to grow plants.
  • With extendable bracket to adjust the length to fit your fish tank,fits tank 19 inch–28inch in length
  • Dedicated and professional power supply design, more energy-efficient,over 10000 hours lifespan
  • High bright LEDs and dimmable with remote control
  • Easy to use, just put it on the top of fish tank and plug into the power. Ideal for freshwater and seawater

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Giant Jellyfish Aquarium with Color-Changing LED Lights

You don’t need to visit a marine exhibit to see the graceful movements of a jellyfish. Set up an aquarium at home and watch as your faux jellyfish mimic the movements of the real things. Simply add water and a dab of dish detergent to help them glide.Giant Jellyfish Aquarium includes seven faux jellyfish and removable plastic plants. Each aquarium includes color-changing LED lights and makes a soothing night light or desk accessory. Designed with an on/off switch and four-hour auto-off button. Requires 2 AA batteries (not included). For all ages. Size: 18″L x 2-1/2″D x 9-1/2″H.

ATTENTION: This is an exclusive HearthSong product that is only available from us. Please be sure to choose HearthSong as the seller to guarantee you are receiving a product that has been both properly constructed and thoroughly tested to meet all U.S. child safety regulations. No other sellers are authorized to offer this unique product on Amazon, and HearthSong-provided warranties will be invalid for purchases through unauthorized sellers.

Product Features

  • Faux jellyfish aquarium
  • Add water and a dab of dish detergent
  • Watch the jellyfish glide along
  • Includes color-changing LED lights
  • Makes a soothing night light or desk accessory

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KollerCraft Aquarius Aquarium Fish Net with Stainless Steel Handle, Extra-Large

Ideal for both freshwater and saltwater applications, this extra-large-sized Aquarius aquarium fish net from KollerCraft features a durable stainless steel handle. The strong fish net has zigzag stitching that enables durable netting and long lasting usage. The net measures 10 x 7 inches. In addition to its popular desktop aquariums, KollerCraft also offers TOM aquarium filters and accessories, as well as Repitat reptile habitats.

Product Features

  • Strong durable fish net for use in freshwater and saltwater aquariums
  • Zigzag stitching enables durable netting and long lasting usage
  • Extra-large size with 10 x 7-inch net
  • Durable stainless steel handle

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GloFish Castle Ornament for Aquarium, Large

The GloFish Large Castle Ornament is a brightly colored and fun addition to your GloFish Aquarium environment.

GloFish Décor

GloFish offers an assortment of brightly colored décor that instantly complete your GloFish environment. These vibrant plants, accessories, and gravel come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors that allow you to fully customize the look and feel of your aquarium.


GloFish plants come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes that work together to create a unique and vibrant look. Mix and match or stick to a few colors, either way your GloFish Aquarium will never look better.

Cosmic Blue Electric Green Galactic Purple Sunburst Orange Starfire Red
Size S M L S M L S M L S M L S M L
Corkscrew Val
castle gravel plant

GloFish accessories and ornaments add vibrant fun to your GloFish environment. These playful additions come in small and large sizes as well as a variety of colors to fully complete your aquarium.


GloFish offers an assortment of brightly colored gravel that add a finishing touch to your GloFish Aquarium.

Why GloFish?

GloFish fluorescent fish add brilliant color to any home, office, or classroom aquarium. These fun fish have the unique ability to absorb light and then re-emit it, creating the perception that they are glowing.

What are GloFish?

GloFish were originally bred to help scientists in detecting environmental pollutants. By adding a naturally derived fluorescence gene to the fish, scientists hoped to quickly and easily determine when a waterway was contaminated. Scientists soon realized the public’s interest in sharing the benefits of this research and GloFish were officially brought into the marketplace.

GloFish acquire their fluorescent color via a fluorescent protein gene that they inherit from their parents and pass on to their offspring through traditional breeding. Because of this, each line of GloFish originates from a single fish. For example, all Starfish Red Danios are descended from a single red fluorescent zebrafish.

3 Species in 6 Stunning Colors

GloFish are available in 3 species: GloFish Danio, GloFish Barb, and GloFish Tetra. Aside from their brighter disposition, each species is identical to their non-fluorescent counterparts. This includes everything from general care and temperature preferences, to growth and nutritional needs.

GloFish come in six stunning fluorescent colors including Starfire Red, Sunburst Orange, Electric Green, Cosmic Blue, Galactic Purple, and Moonrise Pink.

Starfire Red Sunburst Orange Electric Green Cosmic Blue Galactic Purple Moonrise Pink
GloFish Danio
GloFish Barb
GloFish Tetra
glofish tetra glofish barb
glofish danio

GloFish Ethics

GloFish understands that the enormous potential of genetic technology carries with it an important responsibility. To help ensure the appropriate use of this technology, GloFish commits to the following guiding ethical principles:

  • Environmental Safety First
  • Regulatory Engagement
  • Humane Treatment of Fish
  • Advancing Scientific Research
  • Open and Informed Discussion

GloFish Nutrition and Water Care

To keep your GloFish vibrant, healthy, and thriving, it is important to provide quality nutrition and optimal water conditions. For this reason, GloFish has created a line of products specifically formulated to help GloFish thrive.

GloFish Food

GloFish Special Flake Food is a proprietary formula that maximizes brightness and is optimized for GloFish fluorescent fish. This balanced diet features a colorful 4-flake blend that looks great under GloFish Blue LED lights and contains customized amino acids that make GloFish brighter.

Color Boost

GloFish Color Booster provides ideal conditions to support maximum color and health in GloFish. This easy-to-use formula is scientifically formulated to enhance color proteins while keeping your aquarium chemistry stable between extended water changes. GloFish Color Booster reduces harmful fluctuations in pH and lowers nitrate.

GloFish Water Conditioner

GloFish Water Conditioner is a scientifically developed conditioner with unique immune boosters and stress reducers that allow your GloFish to thrive and display full coloration. This easy-to-use formula removes chlorine, chloramine, and heavy metals. A built-in slime protectant promotes health. Use with GloFish Color Booster for best results.


Gravel, Plants, Ornaments

Color Booster, Water Conditioner, GloFish Food

Product Features

  • Enhance your GloFish aquarium environment
  • Fun, brightly colored large Castle ornament
  • 3.1″ x 3.9″ x 5.3″
  • Experience the Glow

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JBJ Nano Cube DX Aquarium, 12-Gallon


Product Features


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Coralife Fish Tank LED BioCube Aquarium Starter Kits, Size 32

The integrated 24-hour timer makes it easy to control the three independent channels: Bright white, sparkling blue and color enhancing LEDs for maximum beauty. Each BioCube also includes automatic 30 minute sunrise/sunset and 60 minute moonrise/moonset functions to replicate a natural day/night cycle. BioCubes are a great starter aquarium because they feature a compact and customizable filtration chamber that is already built-in to the back of the aquarium. Among other great features are the quiet submersible pump, dual intakes and adjustable return nozzle. Each aquarium is also 2″ taller than the original BioCube aquariums, creating a larger viewing area with the new 16 and 32 sizes. Compatible with all existing BioCube accessories.

Product Features

  • Sleek modern hood with vibrant LED lighting
  • Integrated 24-hour timer with three independent channels: bright white, sparkling blue and color enhancing LEDs
  • Automatic 30 minute sunrise/sunset and 60 minute moonrise/moonset functions to replicate natural day cycle
  • Compact and customizable built-in filtration – easy to setup and maintain
  • Quiet submersible pump, dual intakes and adjustable return nozzle

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NEW! 1000 Pc pet fish aquarium grass seed (Mixed), water aquatic plant seeds HOT SELL

1000 Pc pet fish aquarium grass seed (Mixed), water aquatic plant seeds HOT SELL


100% brand new and high quality

material: mix aquarium grass seed

feature: help to pure your fish tank

style: mixed grass make more beautiful and more oxygen

color: green

package: 1000 pcs in a bag

Product Features

  • Material: Mix aquarium grass seed
  • Feature: Help to pure your fish tank
  • Style: Mixed grass make more beautiful and more oxygen
  • Color: Green
  • Package: 1000 pcs in a bag

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