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100 Saltwater Aquarium Snails Fish Tank Reef Safe Algae Filter

If there are any problems with your order please contact me at before filing any claims, requesting a return or leaving feedback. I will take care of it.

Do not worry about the weather. Everything i have listed now ships great
Email if you prefer small or large and i will do my best to accommodate the request. Otherwise i try to send the largest but it will be a mix.
You will receive 100 reef safe saltwater snails (plus quite a few extra!). This snail is a small scavenger with an oval shell, having a long snout-like tube that protrudes from one end of their shell. This snail is an ideal scavenger and detritus / algae consumer. They do not bother corals in the reef aquarium. They spend some of their time buried in the sand, stirring the sand slightly therefore adding oxygen to the sand. They readily consume detritus, uneaten fish food, decaying organics and fish & invertebrate waste. They are great for keeping your substrate, glass and sumps clean. they will be packaged safely and arrive alive. Approximate size is 1/4″ to 3/4″.

shipping will take place on monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday and saturday mornings.
priority mail is free and guaranteed.

please check “see other items” at the right for more critters.

email for special quantities.

Not for human consumption, You will receive a tracking number so you will know when they have shipped and where they are on their journey.

PLEASE NOTE THE SNAILS ARE NOT SHIPPED IN WATER AND SHOULD BE ACCLIMATED AS NORMAL. they wont start moving around until they get acclimated.

Please track your order and you will know when they arrive.

Note—- All animals should be properly acclimated to prevent shock or death

email me with any questions or problems, pics are appreciated

Product Features

  • Great sand sifters and waste eaters.

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AZOO Mignon Filter 60

Nano aquarium hang on back filter. Rated for aquariums up to 3-1/2-gallon.

Product Features

  • Small compact design
  • Queit performance
  • Ease of maintenance

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Tropical Fish Aquariums

A 58g aquascape by

Image via Wikipedia

Author: Jay Wilson

Seeing the colorful fish glide through their silent, lush miniature undersea world, almost like dancers in a tiny ballet, can be the perfect calming influence after a hectic and stressful day of work. For this reason one often finds aquariums not only in homes but also in the waiting rooms of doctors and dentists, in physiotherapy or massage therapy rooms, hospitals and psychiatric clinics, and even prisons.

While saltwater fish and coral can be spectacular, they can also be expensive and tricky to maintain. Consider instead tropical fresh water fish, which come in a variety of colors and types and are typically very attractive in their own right. Additionally, they are normally quite inexpensive and a lot easier to keep healthy than saltwater fish.

What You’ll Need To Set Up Your Tropical Fish Aquarium

In order to set up your tropical fish aquarium, you will need an aquarium, or fish tank, gravel for the bottom, an aquarium filter, replacement filter media, a tank heater, decorative stuff for the bottom of the tank such as real or imitation plants, test kits to test the ph, temperature and other parameters and monitor the infamous nitrogen cycle, fish food, an aquarium vacuum, a fish net, a tank scrubber, a five gallon bucket, and a pasta strainer. (more…)

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