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GloFish 29085 Aquarium Gravel, Pink/Green/Blue Fluorescent, 5lbs

GloFish Aquarium gravel completes your GloFish experience and complements GloFish. This gravel is specially selected to stand out under the blue lighting in your GloFish aquarium. Simply add gravel to your aquarium, decorate with GloFish plants and add your GloFish.

Product Features

  • Pink, Green, Blue Fluorescent gravel
  • Use as substrate or accent
  • 5 pound bag

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Tropical Fish Aquariums

A 58g aquascape by

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Author: Jay Wilson

Seeing the colorful fish glide through their silent, lush miniature undersea world, almost like dancers in a tiny ballet, can be the perfect calming influence after a hectic and stressful day of work. For this reason one often finds aquariums not only in homes but also in the waiting rooms of doctors and dentists, in physiotherapy or massage therapy rooms, hospitals and psychiatric clinics, and even prisons.

While saltwater fish and coral can be spectacular, they can also be expensive and tricky to maintain. Consider instead tropical fresh water fish, which come in a variety of colors and types and are typically very attractive in their own right. Additionally, they are normally quite inexpensive and a lot easier to keep healthy than saltwater fish.

What You’ll Need To Set Up Your Tropical Fish Aquarium

In order to set up your tropical fish aquarium, you will need an aquarium, or fish tank, gravel for the bottom, an aquarium filter, replacement filter media, a tank heater, decorative stuff for the bottom of the tank such as real or imitation plants, test kits to test the ph, temperature and other parameters and monitor the infamous nitrogen cycle, fish food, an aquarium vacuum, a fish net, a tank scrubber, a five gallon bucket, and a pasta strainer. (more…)

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