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Crystalwort (Riccia Fluitans, Java Moss Alternative) EXTRA LARGE 5″x5″ Mat Live Aquarium Plant by InvertObsession

Crystalwort is a very fast growing aquatic plant that is a lush and vibrant green. Popular among aquascapers around the world for its striking coloration, a Crystalwort patch is a must in every show tank. Comes with enough Crystalwort to make a 3″ by 3″ patch. It can also be grown as a floating plant, which makes it great for bottom dwelling species that eat live plants.

Product Features

  • All InvertObsession brand plants and animals on Amazon come with free phone/text/email support directly from the owner and breeder!
  • Crystalwort is a floating plant that can also be made into made and tied to decorations. It ships as a loose bunch that is not tied to a mat.
  • Does not need special or high intensity lighting – can be kept in any freshwater aquarium.
  • Great for fish and dwarf shrimp fry! Provides biofilm, hiding places, and security for the young when you place it in a breeding tank.
  • Bright and healthy, and kept in water in a dedicated tank rather than plastic packaging, which means your plant will arrive much healthier.

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