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Fuloon 12V Multiple Color 30CM 21 X 5050 LED IR LED STRIP LIGHT Aquarium Lighting Fish Tank Light


This LED aluminum strip light is ideal for all types of projects, a great way to
transform water features. It is fully waterproof sealed and creates a beautiful
effect when placed near water. It is simple to install and transform and
suitable for any scale of aquarium, fish tank, water feature, etc.

IR smart control

a wireless controller which allows you to change the appearance of your aquarium
with the push of a button.

Various colors changing

The controller offers 16 colors and various fade dimming options and creates a
beautiful effect when placed near water. The aluminum bar features special 5050
SMD LED which has a 50,000 hours lifeline.

12V low voltage to keep safe

You and your lovely fish will be very safe due to the 12v supply, no need to
worry about getting an electric shock.


Environment-friendly diving design, fully waterproof, they are IP68 rated and
NOT IP65, meaning they can be submerged and will not gradually fade / die over a
short period.

Save energy

Low power consumption yet extremely bright, the brightest aquarium lights


Color: RGB

Water Proof: IP68

Voltage: 12V

Remote transmit range: 5M

Working Temperature:-20° to 50°

Dimensions: 30cm (L) x 1.2cm (W) x 0.8cm (H)

Output power: 5W

Package includes:

1 X meters light strip

1 X IR controller

1 X 12v Power Supply

2 X Trochal disc

1 X English manual

Product Features

  • Controller offers 16 colours and various fade dimming options
  • 30cm LED Rigid Bar Light (includes controller & 12v supply)
  • 21 x 5050 LED (the brightest LED available)
  • High quality aluminium bar, creates a beautiful effect in water
  • Dimensions: 30cm (L) x 1.2cm (W) x 0.8cm (H)

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