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Encyclopedia of Aquarium Plants

Encyclopedia of Aquarium Plants

This heavily illustrated volume will prove a blessing to every aquarium hobbyist who has had to settle for superficial plant descriptions in general fish-keeping books. It presents a detailed A-to-Z directory covering hundreds of aquarium plants with high quality color photos and succinct profiles of each plant. Information includes the plant’s common name, botanical designation, growth cycle, and general description. The book’s additional sections offer details on how to grow and propagate aquatic plants, and how to protect them from parasites and other problems. This handsome volume features approximately 450 color photos and

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Saltwater Aquarium Decorations

A marine aquarium

A marine aquarium. Image via Wikipedia

Author: Marine Aquariums

So you own a saltwater aquarium, time for the fun part – saltwater aquarium decorations are one aspect of marine fish keeping where you can really allow your imagination to reign free. A variety of decorations are available – from ceramic, resin or plastic ornaments and backgrounds, real or false corals and shells and even plants the skys the limit when it comes to making a marine world for your fish..

Marine aquarium decorations are fun to buy because unlike the other inhabitants of your tank they don’t require any special care. You won’t need to feed them, provide special habitats and they can’t get sick or die so they are hassle free! A tank without any décor is dull but that’s not all.

An aquarium without any saltwater aquarium decorations is not very exciting and it can also beunhealthy for your fish. Using tank décor makes it possible to break up the physical environment of the tank and is important both for the biological and psycho-social well-being of the fish in your tank. This is because using tank decorations gives hiding places, areas for food to grow on and microbe activity that keeps your marine tank healthy.

Add to this the fact that marine aquarium decorations are nice to look at and fun to work with and you’ll begin to see that décor is essential in any marine tank. The best way to choose your marine tank decorations is to visit a store that allows you to see saltwater aquarium décors in an working tank, not just on a rack or a table.

Some examples of marine aquarium decorations you might like to try in your saltwater tank are: (more…)

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